Ryzen CPU and Windows 11 performance issues and update dates

Ryzen CPU and Windows 11 performance issues and update dates

performance issues Determined by Microsoft and AMD with the new Windows 11 They will be official solve next week With updates distributed through Windows Update.

As I mentioned Wccftech, The October 19 The update will take care of fixing the problem that It greatly affects L3 cache latency, which increases it to three times the normal and paralyzes all those applications sensitive to access times of the memory subsystem. “Expect a 3-5% performance impact in affected applications, with potential outliers of 10-15% in commonly used esports games,” AMD wrote in its note.

The other thread scheduling bug will be fixed two days later, on October 21. In practice, UEFI CPPC2 (“preferred kernel”) functionality may not preferentially use faster processor cores according to the companies. “Applications that are sensitive to the performance of one or some CPU threads may appear low performanceAMD explained, in particular, the performance impact can be “more noticeable with processors with 8 or more cores and a TDP higher than 65W”.

So do not rely on the first cumulative update (Patch Tuesday) for Windows 11 distributed now, it does not solve these problems. In fact, it may appear that some tests conducted by a user on the Ryzen 7 2700X “Pinnacle Ridge” online Show more performance degradation Regarding L3 cache latency.

Fortunately, updates are close and not only for AMD CPU owners, but also in view of the arrival of Alder Lake CPUs that must necessarily be tested on Windows 11, whose “engine” is specially optimized for the new. Intel hybrid architecture.

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