Rugby World Ranking: Les Bleus at the top

Rugby World Ranking: Les Bleus at the top

Marking the weekly update on Monday, the world rugby rankings will see France point to number one, a fact unprecedented since its inception in 2003.

The fifteenth of France will be able to thank Ireland and Wales! Barely beating Japan on Saturday In Tokyo, Fabian Gallett’s players will find out on Monday how they feel they are the best team in the world. While New Zealand knocked the Blues out of second place last week thanks to their success against the XV of Clover in the first test match of the Summer Tour, The game changed on Saturday thanks to the Northern Hemisphere rebellion.

In fact, Only one scenario could allow the Blues to settle at the top of the global hierarchy for the first time Since the establishment of the rankings by the International Rugby Board, now known as World Rugby, in 2003. In addition to the tricolor success against Japan, New Zealand and South Africa both had to bend at home this Saturday…but also did not see Ireland win against the All Blacks team by more than fifteen points.

Ireland and Wales helped France

A few minutes after the Blues’ success against the Brave Blossoms, Leek XV benefited from a lackluster match from the New Zealanders who quickly outnumbered them Signed their first victory in All Blacks Park… by a margin limited to eleven points thanks to a test that caught Will Jordan in the last minutes. It is another reflection of the situation that allowed Wales win for the first time in South Africathanks to an article by Josh Adams, Moments from the Siren.

Combine these scores and apply them to a zero-sum game which is the order held by World Rugby, 15th place will be for France, 89.41 points behind Ireland (88.79 points) and South Africa (88.61 points).. After England, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales and Ireland, France will become the sixth country that can boast of being ranked No. 1 in the world.

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