Nico Porteus enjoys special effects in his latest video

Nico Porteus enjoys special effects in his latest video

New Zealand free skating champion and reigning Olympic half-pipe champion Nico Porteus brings us a new video, coming close to the imagination, incorporating special effects to mix the seasons.

Blank Canvas, this is the title of his new video. Understand Virgin Canvas, because Nico Porteus is an artist. Free skating, of course, but more. The 20-year-old New Zealander never ceases to amaze, developing new art projects, and new visual creations for his videos. And for his latest project, which has just been revealed, Olympic Half-pipe Champion at the Beijing Olympics In February, it acquired CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology to combine special effects.

In Blanc Canvas, Nico Porteus tackles a multi-unit track located in the heart of Southland, southern New Zealand. But at first, only a field devoid of any trace of snow opens before him. The real track is shown with snow under his feet as he walks, and structures are discovered as well. The result is thus halfway between the seasons, between fantasy and reality.

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“Every day, when I get to the parking lot to go skiing, I look at the mountain in front of me and wonder what I will be able to do in this playground. It is a creative process similar to that of an artist who thinks about his canvas before painting,” Nico Porteus describes.

The technical prowess was primarily the ability to combine images shot in the snow with those taken on the grass so that they looked like one. “When you shoot something in a certain place and you go 200 km, you have to face a number of challenges, like managing the light for example. We had a window of one hour for each shot and soon everything became very stressful. Especially in Half Pipe areas, because You have to do big tricks at specific times.”

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So attached to his origins, the man who brought New Zealand its first Winter Olympic title wanted a full production run. ” kiwi “. He collaborated with New Zealand animation company Hunt Cinema and was able to collaborate with local band Fat Freddy’s Drop, incorporating their song into the edit. Barely 20 years old, Nico Porteous is definitely a good benchmark for his country.

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