Rugby World Cup: See you in Australia in 2027 and USA in 2031

Rugby World Cup: See you in Australia in 2027 and USA in 2031

The host countries of the next five Rugby World Cup tournaments are well known. While France will host the men’s edition in 2023, the following tournaments will be held in Australia (2027) and then in the United States (2031), a first for this country. For women, after New Zealand at the end of 2022, a date is scheduled for England (2025), Australia (2029) and then the United States (2033).

Unsurprisingly, the World Rugby Council, which met on Thursday in Dublin, nominated candidates who had already enjoyed “favorite candidate” status for several months. “Today we have named three exceptional host countries for the Rugby World Cup – England, Australia and the United States – providing unprecedented certainty and a unique opportunity to drive growth and access to rugby in the world,” Chairman Bill Beaumont rejoiced.

“The confirmation of these destinations is based on a new partnership approach to tournament delivery, which will promote sustainable development, particularly in US and women’s rugby, allowing the sport to realize its potential both on and off the field and of economic benefits to the host nations.”

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So rugby will be exported to the United States for the first time, with the men’s world championships in 2031 and the women’s in 2033. It wouldn’t be the first on the American continent since Canada already hosted the 2010 edition, which was won by black New Zealand. fern; President Joe Biden endorsed the US candidacy.

“US Rugby will now enter a new era and ensure that the sport’s most prestigious tournament is a springboard to ignite the excitement and enduring passion for coast-to-coast rugby,” said Russ Young, USA Rugby’s general manager.

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England, the host nation of the 2025 Women’s World Cup, has hosted three World Cups, one for women (2010) and two for men (1991 and 2015). Down Under wouldn’t be the first time, as Australia actually staged the Men’s World Cup in 1987 (with New Zealand) and in 2003.

For the men’s edition of 2027, it will be the first in the Southern Hemisphere since the contested 2011 edition in New Zealand. England and Japan hosted the 2015 and 2019 Wine editions respectively, and the Blues, recent Grand Slam winners, are hoping to win the World Cup for the first time, on their soil next year.

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