Lydia Coe: "I know you're at a loss."

Lydia Coe: “I know you’re at a loss.”

World number three Lydia Koe was widely praised for her post-round interview at Palos Verdes on the LPGA Tour on Sunday, May 1, as she explained why she asked for a masseur on the course during the tour.

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The New Zealand star has already been photographed doing back and hip stretches with her physical therapist. When golf channel interviewer Jerry Fultz asked him if his apparent injury would be a concern for the rest of the season, Lydia Koe smiled and replied, “I hope not.

It’s the time of the month. I know the ladies watching will probably say, “Yeah, I got you.” “Every time my back gets really stiff and I feel a sprain. It’s not the first time Chris has seen me like this, but I felt so much better after he arrived.

Well, that’s it. Lydia Koe smiles but the interviewer Fultz appears visibly angry, offering a brief ‘thank you’ while Koe continues to joke, ‘I know you’re at a loss for words, Jerry!

But this is the truth. Perhaps the amazing thing that came out of this episode was that when it comes to women and sports, we never really talk about menstruation. In her response, Lydia Koe cleansed with something totally natural and natural.

Many athletic techniques feel this is an under-discussed topic, especially how the menstrual period can affect an athlete’s performance. “It’s a normal aspect of exercise that needs to be addressed not only physically but also psychologically,” clinical psychologist Karen Nimmo told Today FM NZ.

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“We have to take that into account when planning training and competitions.” “Period problems are a common aspect of all athletes, and here’s finally the chance to talk about them.” Come on Lydia! Lydia Koe finished the tournament in a third-place tie with Megan Kang, two points behind winner Marina Alex.

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