Rugby World Cup: New Zealand qualified for the final

Rugby World Cup: New Zealand qualified for the final

New Zealand will once again reach the final of the Rugby World Cup. In the semi-final in a packed French stadium, the All-Blacks made short work of Argentina, scoring 7 tries including a hat-trick from winger Will Jordan. The latter becomes co-top scorer in the World Championship with 8 attempts. And perhaps more next Saturday in the final against the winners of the other semi-final which will pit England against South Africa on Saturday 21 October, winners of the 15th French Championship. New Zealand will play a record fifth of ten World Cup finals on October 28.

“We always knew we were moving in the right direction.”

After the victory over Argentina, after the match on Friday evening, New Zealand midfielder Rico Ewan returned to the stadiums of the World Cup for the Blacks, confident of the final that arrives on October 28. “We faced a lot of criticism. People said a lot of things about us, but the group remained united. No one outside really knew what was going on between us. The only opinions that mattered were those of the staff and the players. We always knew we were moving in the right direction. We are so proud and can’t wait until next week. We hope our performance brings joy to the New Zealanders on home soil (…) All finals are different. The dynamics described previously are not “It is always decisive. It is the better team that day that wins. We will have to prepare well as we have done in the last two weeks and be able to control our emotions because it will be a big game.”

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