Air New Zealand chooses its designer for the new uniform

Air New Zealand chooses its designer for the new uniform

Air New Zealand She finally chose a new designer for the cabin crew uniform, more than five years later Kiwi flight Plans to update the look were first announced and it has been nearly 12 years since crew members first wore the carrier’s distinctive and current uniforms.

Air New Zealand has officially unveiled its world-famous Kiwi fashion designer Emilia Wickstead A partner has been chosen to create her new costume. The New Zealand designer has made a name for herself on the global stage by designing clothes for global influencers and stars. You will now create New Zealand’s most famous and recognizable uniform. The judging panel considered submissions from 40 different New Zealand designers, but Emilia’s initial designs immediately stood out for their ability to set Air New Zealand apart on the global stage, the airline’s director of customer and inflight sales, Leanne Geraghty, said. “We received expressions of interest from over 40 New Zealand designers and heard pitches from the country’s leading design talent, which showcased the depth and breadth of New Zealand fashion, making the decision extremely difficult. Ultimately, Emilia emerged as an ideal partner. Emilia provided outstanding initial designs “Innovative and unique designs that will set Air New Zealand apart on the global stage. It has also demonstrated its understanding of the importance of creating practical and comfortable uniforms for our employees.”

The next phase of the project will see Air New Zealand working closely with Emilia Wickstead to refine the design. On-board tests and consultation with uniform wearers before final designs are unveiled in late 2024. Air New Zealand’s Emilia Wickstead uniform will be gradually rolled out over 5000 members crew The Planethe Anything extracted from the ground or found there And the Pilots Air New Zealand over the next few years. In connection with this uniform project, Air New Zealand claims to have considered whether A Gender neutral uniform It may be appropriate in the future, though the airline did not provide an update on that decision Monday.

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