Rugby World Cup 2023: New Zealand achieves a tough victory over Italy and takes a step towards the quarter-finals

Rugby World Cup 2023: New Zealand achieves a tough victory over Italy and takes a step towards the quarter-finals

New Zealand inflicted a very heavy defeat on Italy 96-17 on Friday evening in Lyon, taking a big step towards the quarter-finals of the 2023 World Cup.

Thanks to this greatly improved success, the All Blacks regain second place from their evening rivals, with ten points, the same as the Italians, and three points behind France, before the final day of Group A. The New Zealanders left no hope of victory. Weak Italy, broke away very quickly to claim the attacking bonus point after just 22 minutes and scored a total of 14 tries!

New Zealand sent a strong message on Friday in Lyon by punishing Italy 96-17 and a reminder that they will have to be reckoned with for the rest of the World Cup. By regaining all their strength for the first time in the tournament, the All Blacks dispelled the doubts that had arisen since their 35-7 defeat to South Africa in a warm-up match, erasing the impression of the deficit created against France (27-13) during the tournament. Her opening match.

Before the final day of the group stage, they regained their favorites status, just like France, South Africa and Ireland. Despite this defeat, Italy has not been eliminated yet, but it will have to beat the French team next Friday, October 6, in Lyon, again, in the hope of qualifying for the quarter-finals.

Italian Calvary

For ‘Nazionale’, the hope of winning the scalp of the Men in Black for the first time in its history lasted… just a minute. It was time for the All Blacks to steal the ball from their opponents in their camp and patiently but inevitably advance towards the Azzurro goal.

The goal was achieved five minutes later by winger Will Jordan, who received a pass from the foot of Jordie Barrett to score from a corner kick with the first attempt of the match, converted by Richie Monga (7-0.6). To respond to the versatility of their three players, the All Black forwards also showed their muscle, pushing, after a penalty, the Italian group on a carried ball that was finished by half-half Aaron Smith (14-3, 17).

Unable to compete in the set stages, he was overwhelmed by the New Zealanders’ speed, deprived of the ball, the rest was a long way from crossing for Italy, and he was reduced to the role of sparring partner, patronizing Ibrahim Asloum against Mike Tyson. From 23H Minute 28, the New Zealanders got the extra attacking point (28-3, 23). Twenty minutes later, they returned to the locker room with a score in the form of a signal to the French government: 49-3. The men in black did not loosen their grip in the second half, adding to their six attempts scored during the first term, eight more, PlayStation-style, each more beautiful than the last, stitched with golden threads with the magic of the men in black.

“Free Rugby”

They left only crumbs for the Italians: two attempts from Toulouse wingers Ange Capuzzo and Australian-born Monte Ioani, but they did not help reduce the gap that still existed between the two teams.

The Italian side can only rejoice that they did not suffer a record defeat to the Lions, who lost to the New Zealanders 101-3 in 1999. So, a reminder to the All Blacks that they are still at the top of the world rugby ladder.

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Ardi Savea, the team’s black captain, gave a warm welcome, saying: “We have talent in all areas of the game but have yet to find the right click. We played free rugby tonight.” Playing forward, with the pace and skill they showed, and the full-backs and strikers mixed together, they looked unstoppable.

Ireland, who they are likely to face in the quarter-finals in Saint-Denis, have been warned, barring any surprises. In the meantime, the All Blacks can have fun. In Lyon, they offered Sam Whitlock a new feast for 149 peopleH Selection in the black jersey, beating on this occasion the record he shared with Richie McCaw, who is at Lyon.

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