New Zealand – Namibia in Toulouse: “ugly”, “horrible”, “destructive”… Why are the All Blacks subjected to violent criticism?

New Zealand – Namibia in Toulouse: “ugly”, “horrible”, “destructive”… Why are the All Blacks subjected to violent criticism?

For several weeks, a wave of anger has accompanied the New Zealand national team, which plays the second match of the Rugby World Cup at the stadium on Friday, September 15.

“Brotherhood” and “acceptance of differences in origin and age”… These are the words of artist Faye the Wolf several weeks before the start of the Rugby World Cup in France (September 8 – October 28), when the new New Zealand All Blacks shirt that had been unveiled Just completed his design.

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We were then able to realize that the designer, wearing a jacket steeped in history, was clearly respectful of the ubiquitous presence of black, which characterizes the Pacific collection. His personal touch? Ferns are emblems of the country and the national team. In total, there are 15 players on the new silver black jersey.

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One, on the side of the heart and plain, slightly larger than the other fourteen, is drawn with a secret watermark. Their number represents the 15 rugby players present in the team during matches. It is clearly the way these 14 ferns are designed that poses a problem for some fans, who have criticized Adidas, the supplier of the selection equipment, for weeks, as specialist media have noted. World Rugby.

France was not spared

“A kid has vandalized an All Blacks jersey!” “This is hideous! How can you ruin a black swimsuit so much?” one supporter said on social media.

Some young children vandalized an All Blacks jersey ahead of the kit’s launch.

-James Stafford?? (@jpstafford) June 27, 2023

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Some fans are wondering how designer Fey The Wolf works: “Looks like we asked a goth to design a Hawaiian shirt!” Moreover, the artist’s unpleasant jokes are… French! Fey The Wolf is actually from Reunion, and is based in Paris.

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The Adidas brand deliberately sought out a designer from France, wanting to “establish a connection between New Zealand and France”, the home of the World Cup. Note that the Black Team has another set of shirts, these are all black, which they mostly wear in matches.

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