Rugby - Top 14 - Biarritz Bordeaux Bagels: Australian Kuridrani Stands for BO's return to Top 14

Rugby – Top 14 – Biarritz Bordeaux Bagels: Australian Kuridrani Stands for BO’s return to Top 14

Australian international midfielder Tiveta Corredrani will start from three quarters in good shape against the Bordeaux Begues, on Saturday, in Aguilera, for BO’s return to the Top 14 after seven seasons of Pro D2. It will be one of the main attractions of the meeting. Aguilera holds her breath. On Saturday (2 p.m.), BO will return to the Top 14 after seven long seasons of Pro D2. He will make a heavy dispatch, especially with one of the leading recruits of the season, Australian international center Tevita Corridrani (30, 61 Celia), who, with New Zealander Frances Sailey, will form a pair of sacred meat in midfield. . Composition Biarritz Lonca – Stark, Kuridrani, Saili, Speight – Herron, B. Couillod – Hirigoyen, S. Armitage (cap.), Jalagonia – Cramond, Olmstead – Millar, Peyresblanques, Cronin.
Alternatives: Chichvili, Da Ross, Dyer, Arpani, Derbo, Fergno, Bari, Simran. Two other players arriving at the start of the season will start the game on the Basque side: Ireland international James Cronin (former Munster) and England opener Brett Heron (former Harlequins). Regardless, nine of the fifteen holders of the joining barrage against Bayonne last June (6-6, 6-5 tab) will be on the field at kickoff, proving that coach Matthew Clarkin retains great confidence in his champions. At the end of last season.

You see Doc on the bench UBB will make up a fairly classic team, given that all of its holders were already present at the club last season. Among the new players, opener François Triné-Duc (former race), second rower Alban Roussel (former Perpignan) and third rower Bastien Vergnais-Telfer (former Colmière) will be on the bench.

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Note that the Gironde is still deprived of its French players who played the last round in Australia (Roman Borros, Cameron Woke and Cyril Kazu) and of its foreign players who are still in the Southern Hemisphere Rugby Championship (José Duipa, Guido Petit and Santiago Cordero). Composition Bordeaux-Bègles Ducuing – Moefana, Uberti, Seuteni, Lam – Jalibert, Lesgourgues – Roumat, Picamoles, Diaby – Jolmès, Douglas – Kaulashvili, Maynadier, Poirot (cap.).
Alternatives: Lammoth, Paiva, Russell, Virginia Telfer, Loco, Trinh-Doc, Lamirat, Tabidze. Read also Calendar

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