Rugby - NZ - WTF

Rugby – NZ – WTF

New Zealand scrum-half Aaron Smith posted a video of the celebrity skills That every good number 9 should have. Videos like this appear on social networks, but we will not hide them, it is always good to see them. In training in Manawat Governorate on the sidelines of his training in Manawat Governorate Rugby ChampionshipAaron Smith put on the show in the rain. The pass quality of the New Zealand No. 9 has always proven well, but the accuracy is still there, even under the fleet. Read also Decoding: How South Africa made the All Blacks tremble thanks to a kick game A nail over the head, a left hand bottle, and another right hand, fellow quarterback Josiah Marako (who one might easily confuse with Anton Lennert Braun) who served as a guinea pig in skills And trick shots of half scrum. A bullet, a fallen item, was sent to Aaron Smith, who hasn’t lost his smile this summer. Demonstration of technical skills completed with the utmost serenity, with the last deodorized bottle ball trap. Yes, there is not thirty meters between the two men, but go and do it in the rain, and we will talk about it again!

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