Andrea Pozzato is a story of sport and success

Andrea Pozzato runner 3V AthleticsShe is 44 years old, with two beautiful children and is married “to a woman who has always been close to me and supported in everything I have done.” He’s just come out a winner since then Vertikal Sass de Fer by Lavigno cat. handicapped, The foot uphill race organized by the 100% Anima Trail Association, But behind him he reaped many successes, including a gold medal, two silver medals and fifth place in the World Paratriathlon Championship. 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand, cat. TRI 5. He won his gold in the European Paratriathlon competition in 2012 at IAT in Israel Kat. TRI 2, the first silver in 2009 at the World Jumping Championships in Poznan, Poland. LTA 4+ (mixed crew, two men plus two women with different disabilities, physical and blind) and the second in 2013, at the European Paratriathlon Championships in Alanya, Turkey in the cat. TRI 5.

Andrea was born with a congenital deformity of his right leg, and his rehabilitation, which included swimming and cycling, became a starting point. After he started rowing and continued to cycle, he became The Italian champion. LC2 in 2007He wanted to try to combine these two activities with running. “They told me I couldn’t make running my own sport and I started just to show that nothing is impossible,” he said. A commitment that lasted for two years and then ended, due to the great effort put into running.

But Andrea’s goals did not stop there. Between continuing to exercise at the amateur level and some walking up and down Mount Lavino with their children, another personal challenge knocked on the door, or rather the window, from which they could view and dream of this mountain. the above. Therefore, after discovering the Grand Prix of the Varese Mountains (Grand Prix of the Varese Mountains) and conducting four of the five stages proposed by the race, the choice was made, and it was certain that he would participate in Vertical Sass de Fer di Laveno. This year, among others, thanks to the care he gave Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP), which is also considered among the disabled categories. About seven competitors but only one Winner: Andrea Pozzato.

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“I was also going to share amongst talented mores with the awareness that I could finish the end. I wouldn’t care, my goal was to participate and be able to complete this challenge. Now I can say I have reached that peak”, Andrea said. Ambition, determination and desire to continue participating. It is certainly among its main characteristics.

“Now what I do for me and my children. I want to teach them to never sit back, to always want revenge in case of failure to achieve a goal but above all to always have many goals. We must never give up.”

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