Rugby, New Zealand: Sale of part of the "All Blacks" brand to a US fund

Rugby, New Zealand: Sale of part of the “All Blacks” brand to a US fund

A historic agreement, however, may not win the approval of the players. New Zealand Federugby approved the unanimous vote of the General Assembly to sell a portion of the trademark trademark rights ‘All blacks’ To Silver Lake, a California investment fund that specializes in technology investments. The agreement with the fund obtained unanimous approval from the county federations, but has not yet received the green light from the players’ union. “We think this is an exciting opportunity – in the words of Federation Number One, Mark Robinson – that can benefit all sports for posterity.”

On the schedule is $ 280 million

To acquire the television rights to All Blacks, the California fund will put on the table $ 280 million (roughly € 230 million). This would make the fund owning 12.5% ​​of the commercial rights and give it the right to negotiate deals around the world to sell television rights and derivatives. This, according to estimates, will raise the global trade value of New Zealand rugby to $ 2.2 billion, € 1.8 billion. If the agreement is accepted, even by the players, then Silver Lake’s investment will support New Zealand rugby at all levels, from youth sectors to the senior national team. An agreement that would save an entire movement given that in recent years the significant economic losses of national sport have been estimated and the pandemic has exacerbated this crisis. In fact, there was talk last year of losing more than NZ $ 40 million. Not to mention the sharp decline in new players among the youth.

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