Clubhouse for Android is coming from the USA: Here are the countries where the beta version is available

Clubhouse for Android is coming from the USA: Here are the countries where the beta version is available

Club House In beta version for Android now also available in CanadaAnd the United kingdomAnd the Australia e new Zeland. Thus these countries have been added to the US, where the app (also in beta) was released only a few days ago.

Therefore, new flags have been added in the Android world, which currently affect a limited number of English speaking countries. As expected by the same company, the Android app – which can be accessed by invitation for the iOS version that launched more than a year ago – should soon be rolling out to other markets as well.

The stated intention of Developers In the coming weeks Collect a large number of responses From the community, resolve any issues encountered and proceed with integrating new features, before extending the app’s launch globally.

Good news for users of other nationalities, Including the Italians, Who can pre-register by searching for the app on Google Play Store And activate notification for immediate reporting upon release.

After the boom recorded at the start of the year, a rapid decline has begun in the Clubhouse that offers no encouraging scenarios: as noted before Sensor tower, The number of app downloads decreased by about 72%, from 9.6 million in February to 2.7 million in March. In April, it was downloaded only 922 thousand times from the social network. The hope is that in May, thanks to the launch of the Android version, the numbers will rise again.

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To influence the Clubhouse’s fate, it was also the fierce advance of a competition that in recent months has launched its own audio chat: Who The social networking site Facebook a DisagreementGive Reddit a Twitter, Passing through Linkedin e SpotifyThe list gets bigger and bigger.

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