Rugby, Mont-de-Marsan nightmare Béziers

Rugby, Mont-de-Marsan nightmare Béziers

23rd day of Pro D 2. In an advanced match, Stade Montois, 2nd, Béziers, 10th. Significant victory for Stade Montoa 49-14 Offensive bonus and seven tries including a brace for Rasako and one for Kaban

Béziers in search of wealth.

In the first leg, at the beginning of September, Stade Montois lost to the Orb Banks 26-24. Since then, the Pteroi people have alternated between good and average, and like the Mons people, despite the differences in order, they lack continuity. Eleven titles for the French champion, which carries culture, heritage and history for you, but this does not make a team. It’s been a long time, over thirty years, since the blue-red and Herault agreed to land a Pro D 2 in the spring of 2004. Today Béziers is struggling. Always humbly hidden, though, is the desire to someday return to elite riding. But without going through all this time, anyone has been able to straighten out the structures and governance of the club. We are on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea where nothing is ever simple! Where vanity and selfishness form, and where influential groups are guerrilla warfare. 9 last season, 12 the previous season, ASBH can’t do better than 5, that was in the spring of 2018, Biterrois was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Mont-de-Marsan 31-23 in Boniface after a delicious and quivering match. This season, Béziers, led by former third-line Mons and daquis Pierre Caillet, has lost from his bases eight times but has won in Massy and especially in Agen and Provence. After passing through Boniface, the Ingdocians went for more than seven days to receive thrice. In order to hope for the big thing they have to fetch the pills away from Herault. CQFD! Mons residents are notified when they leave the locker room.

Series of party trials in Pune

The first thirty-eight minutes of playing at a good pace. The first half was undoubtedly a good moment for fun rugby. Play by hand, almost non-stop, few scratches. The stadium opened the scoring in the fourth minute with a breakthrough from Rasako, the indefensible Fijian, who served Lustalot, a follow-up with Bialot, the brilliant opening of Al Shabab, Valeva turned Kapan who entered heaven. High intensity marine testing. Loustalot, the recorder, will deliver one hundred percent. Eto’o in the match, the result is Kaban double, Rasako double. By the way, well, on Mons’ third feat, crossing Curtis, he finally saw the New Zealand center which had been very warm in Mons until then, the Rasaco relay which slalomed and flat. fat test? Well, we don’t deny ourselves anything. He was going to miss! Rank 38, succession of shots and runs, Mons pressure, Valeva, number eight, hits and scores. Sixth is Rasaku’s interactive solo action, feu fout, who, on the edge of the sidelines, steals the ball from Biterrois’ hands and spins, whistle! … all by itself to flatten into a corner. Finally with three minutes to go, a kick into Pialot’s inspired box, a daring kid daring, the ball bounced off the post, Desaubies, cleverly followed. End of the show.

Whatever the results of Friday evening, Stade Montois will retain second place in the standings. Championship in hiatus. Appeal March 17 Via exit to Carcassonne.

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