“Fighting for rally wins rather than class”

“Fighting for rally wins rather than class”

Still in full bloom since the arrival of the promoter company “WRC Promoter GmbH”, the ERC Championship has many advantages according to the New Zealand driver.

“We made the decision to focus on ERC for several main reasons. First, it’s more budget feasible while still racing in a high-level FIA championship. Second, From a personal perspective, fighting for massive victories rather than winning the class is much more attractive. I’m at a different point in my career now and ERC sounds like a great campaign to keep Hyundai NZ Rally and PRG going [Paddon Racing Group] In Europe while driving with serious chances of winning at the rallies.

Also, when looking at the logistics of racing on the other side of the world, we see the benefit of developing a close relationship with a highly professional European team such as BRC Racing Team, while also bringing in some of our own staff. “

For this access to ERC, Hayden Paddon is well aware that the competition will be very strong.

“We are proud to continue to represent Hyundai New Zealand.” Everyone at Hyundai NZ Rally has gained a lot of knowledge over the past year, both with the Rally2 car and the international competition. This year, it’s all about building on that knowledge while aiming for a European title, against stiff competition from local European riders and teams and manufacturer-backed teams.

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