Rugby lo.  Toby Arnold, the New Zealander who became the real Leon

Rugby lo. Toby Arnold, the New Zealander who became the real Leon

What do they say about him?

“Team scale”

Pierre Mignone, LOU coach for seven years

“I played with him a lot because he was very good often, if not always. He’s a very reliable person. It’s rare that he comes through. Toby has an incredible feel for the game. He doesn’t talk much in the group, but I’ve always leaned on him. “He was a barometer for the team. When he came to see me, I listened to him, he always spoke for the team, not for himself. From our first interview when I arrived, he told me that he wanted LOU to become a team. Players like him helped me with my choices. He is a leader.”

“LOU Player of the Decade”

Jan Robert, President since 2013

“Toby is the first contract I signed. “He’s been two years without playing, but he’s a world-class player,” Tim Lane told me. “Out of ten seasons, there are nine where he’s played the most games and minutes in a season. He’s as much Leonie as he gets. The New Zealander today, is like his family. With his consistency, development and quality in Pro D2 as well as in the Top 14, this undoubtedly makes him the LOU Player of the Decade. Over time, he has become a leader in the locker room, in player representation, through his performance, consistency and loyalty. “He became captain after being captain in the match. “I expect him to score in his last two matches.”

“He is reserved, and has adapted well to the club and life at Lyon. He is a great professional, and quickly made efforts to adapt to the club and learn the French language. Despite coming from New Zealand, he always gave everything for LOU. He stood out for “I have the ability to finish, he’s an extraordinary try-catcher. He’s always had that ability to finish, even if his speed is a little less now. I’m a little ahead in games (234 vs. 231), but I’m way behind him in tests!”

“It will be a rare moment.”

Roman Lorsac, his teammate and then doctor at LOU

“I’m glad LOU didn’t understand that he was better at defending than on the wing, otherwise I would have played less! I was planning to celebrate my birthday on November 11 with my family, but when I saw that it was his last match, I would have spent it on the field instead. He played Only good matches or very good matches, which is very rare. He is the organizer of all three quarters, the player of the decade, the most consistent. He is a captain without being too expansive, but his voice carries when he speaks. It saddens me that he is leaving so early, but this will really allow us “Celebrating. It will be a rare moment.”

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