Rugby: France vs New Zealand from the pools at the 2023 World Cup

Rugby: France vs New Zealand from the pools at the 2023 World Cup

Drag – strong for the 15th for France. This Monday, the draw placed New Zealand and Italy in front of the fifteenth Fabian Galthey from the group stage.

France, the host country of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, will face a team all black The New Zealanders are out of the group stage (Group A), according to the draw that took place on Monday at the Palais Brüngniart in Paris.

In the quarter-finals, the team that finishes second in this group will have to face the outgoing world champion, South Africa, who appear as the favorites for the second group in which they will face Ireland and Scotland. Before a possible semi-final against … Australia, whose side will be played by Wales. England, they won’t have the easy part, with Argentina, a powerful southern country, and Japan, revealing recent years and reaching the World Cup quarter-finals on home soil.

In 2011, already, the fifteenth of France and all black They faced each other in the group stage, before ending up in the final. The Blues were defeated wide in the first match, and painfully qualified for the final, where they retained the future world champions (8-7).

The Blues will also face Fabian Galthea, a team within their grasp, in the first round. They will only know two other opponents in the group, a team from the American continent and one from the African continent, after the qualifiers, which run until November 2022.

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Group A : New Zealand, France, Italy, America 1, Africa 1

Group B: South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Asia/Pacific 1, Europe 2

Group C: Wales, Australia, Fiji, Europe 1, Draft Contest Winner

Group D: England, Japan, Argentina, Oceania 1, Americas 2

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