Rugby Championship - R.  New Zealand expects a tough game against South Africa in the Rugby Championships

Rugby Championship – R. New Zealand expects a tough game against South Africa in the Rugby Championships

On Saturday (9:05 a.m.), the fifth day of the rugby tournament, she will face New Zealand and South Africa. The All Blacks are preparing for a big fight against the Springboks. Saturday (9:05 a.m.) in Townsville (Australia), the fifth day of the Rugby Championships, will be the first two shocks to take place in New Zealand and South Africa, World Championin the Southern Hemisphere Championship. The All Blacks dominate the competition with four wins in the same number of matches, while the Springboks remain with two losses to Australia (28-26 Then 30-17). Read also Rugby Championship schedule, results and standings In such a context, the poster promises more. This would be the hundredth time that the two Legendary Choices met. On Tuesday, All Blacks forward coach John Plumetre said he expects a fight ” Titanic with Books. ” NS (we) Ahead, it will be the hardest battle since he took office, he added. The boys know that. John Plumtree, on Springboks “They Have a Great Show” Plumtree, who trained in South Africa (at the Natal Sharks), also said he doesn’t expect the Springboks to change their strategy, Who allowed them to win the World Cup 2019Despite the two losses against Australia. For him, South Africa will play with strong defense and powerful strikes. But John Plumetre also cautioned that they can run with the ball. ” Physical play comes naturally to them, did he say. But they can play and have an exceptional appearance. »Read also The All Blacks beat Argentina John Plumtree ‘It doesn’t matter what happened in the last two weeks’ The New Zealand coach said it was imperative that the All Blacks play at their usual high pace and not let the Springboks slow down the game and start putting pressure on them. He eventually refuted the notion that New Zealanders were the preferred candidates at the next two meetings. ” It doesn’t matter what happened in the past two weeks. We are fine and they were disappointing in their abilities. But we know these matches are really tough and the struggles are very close in the last quarter of the hour. »Read also All rugby tournament news

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