Rowing: Katie Vincent triumphed in Copenhagen

Rowing: Katie Vincent triumphed in Copenhagen

Ontarian Katie Vincent won the 200m in the C1 at Canoe Sprint Worlds on Sunday.

Vincent has not won a medal at this distance in this event.

Her teammate and C2 partner Laurence Vincent-Lapointe has won six of the last eight titles.

Vincent led with a time of 46.52 seconds, beating Spain’s Antea Jacomi (46.79) and Paul Dorota Borovska (46.90).

“It’s been a lot of hard work over the past few years to get there,” said the Mississauga athlete. I can’t wait to see what happens next. “

“I really feel like it’s a start for me. I’m really looking forward to next year’s world championships on our own home ground.

Vincent resides in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and the next edition of These Worlds will take place in Halifax, August 3-7, 2022.

“Being the world champion is going to be very exciting.”

At the last Olympics, she and Vincent Lapointe finished third in the C2, 500m.

“I’ve had ups and downs since Tokyo,” Vincent said. There were a lot of feelings and things to deal with, and they still exist. It kept me going, and I reconnected with my love for the sport. “

New Zealand’s Amy Fisher won her first world title in the K1 500, a race in which fellow world champion and current Olympic champion Lisa Carrington was.

Fisher was controversially excluded from Team New Zealand from the Tokyo Games.

“This win is very special to everyone in the house,” Fisher said.

“It was tough. There were times when I wanted to walk away and give up, because I didn’t think I could. But this is the icing on the cake to show me that I can do it.”

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Italians Nicolae Cracione and Danielle Santini won the C2500, which will be added to the Paris 2024 Olympic programme.

Hungary and Russia ranked second and third, respectively.

Spaniards Marcos Valls and Rodrigo Germaid won the K2500 race, an event that will also be added to the 2024 Olympic calendar.

Germany won silver and bronze in Slovakia.

The women’s K4 race was won by Belarusian Marharita Makhneva, Nadzia Lyabishka, Vola Khodzinka and Marina Litvinchuk.

Hungary and Russia completed the podium.

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