Rugby 22: New video, France and New Zealand

after Trailer for a movie that revealed the gameplay Rugby 22 (but with a great deal of video editing), nakon so Echo program We’ve released a new cinematic scene that shows what the play will look like in-game. To do this, 5 minutes of the match were shown against them France and New Zealand.

Rugby 22 is upon us, in fact it will be available from January 27 so PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One e PC. Below you can watch the gameplay video.

These are the characteristics of Rugby 22:

  • Optimized game controls

Redesigned for a more responsive and intuitive gaming experience, Rugby 22 Incorporates a new control system to perform touches, flies and toss like a true oval pro!

  • Improvement in artificial intelligence behavior

For a more enjoyable simulation experience, the AI ​​has been improved by the teams in the EKO program to better adapt to the tactical choices of players. Players will take a stand and interact more realistically, while your opponents will make better choices.

  • A new, more complex difficulty mode

Finally, a new difficulty mode has been added to give players a stronger opposition and a more difficult challenge once the game is mastered.

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