Nuova Zelanda, il Covid costringe la premier Ardern a rinviare nozze

New Zealand, Covid forces Prime Minister Ardern to postpone her wedding

Among the direct consequences of the new restrictions decided by the New Zealand government is the postponement of the wedding of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern herself. The Prime Minister himself made the news on the occasion of the announcement of the tightening of anti-Covid-19 measures due to the re-emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic and the Omicron variant. “My wedding will not be celebrated,” he said after detailing the new restrictions, including a limit on 100 people who were fully vaccinated on occasions. Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford never announced the exact date of their wedding, but it was due to take place in the next few weeks (Covid specialLive updates).

Restrictions in effect from midnight


COVID, New Zealand: Lockdown extended until August 27

“I have just shared the fate of many other New Zealanders who have had this experience as a result of the pandemic,” he said. The emergence of nine Amicron cases of a family traveling between cities to attend a wedding and the infection of a flight attendant on the plane they were on, forced New Zealand to impose its restrictions from midnight Sunday. Omicron is more transmissible than the previous delta variant, but is less likely to make people seriously ill. In addition to limiting the number of people, masks are now mandatory on public transport and in stores. The new restrictions are expected to remain in place at least until the end of next month. “This is life,” Ardern said, adding: “I am no different from the thousands of other New Zealanders who have experienced much more devastating situations than the pandemic, including the particularly painful condition of not being able to stay with loved ones when seriously ill.” New Zealand has detected 15,104 cases of COVID-19 and recorded 52 deaths since the start of the epidemic.

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