Rugby - 14th place - 14th place: Castries topples Blaruchel

Rugby – 14th place – 14th place: Castries topples Blaruchel

Leading by 21 points after 25 minutes of play, Castries ousted Blarochelle on Sunday (31-30) as part of the 14th day of the 14th. match. Match: 31-30 This 14th day of the top 14 is definitely rich in twists and turns. On Sunday, the duel between Castrais and Rochelais finally turned in favor of the locals (31-30). The suspense continued until the end. As CO2 leads by a small point, Ihaya West had the opportunity to win his team, with a penalty kick in the last minute, 25 metres, a little to the right. But the New Zealander, who was often so fragmented at the crucial moments, was lost again. Read also Match movie Therefore, the Rochelle should be satisfied with a defensive bonus. A very meager consolation prize as they led by 21 points after 25 minutes of play. For the Maritimes, the year started off well with a low start to the match. From the second minute of play, Dillyn Leyds opened the scoring, after a match at the foot of Pierre Popelin. Then it was the turn of Atonio, served by the West, to flatten between the poles. Finally, with Jules Favre (23) tested, Rochelais thought they had the attack bonus. But five minutes later, the Castries launched a revolution. Fact: Custer rebelled After a disastrous start to the match, Custer’s team woke up at the half-hour mark, first with an attempt by Nakosi (28th place), served by Urdabilita. Then Martin Laveau will restore his figure to 24-17 (36th place, after Urdapilleta’s transformation). What you should start again with the right foot after the break. Read also Top 14 Rank Player: Filimonie Potito, as La Rochelle tried to manage the second half, maintaining a slight difference thanks to its striker, Ihiya West, the center of Castries’ midfield. He passed a perfect jump to Florent Vanverberge who fell in goal (60th) and would then score the fourth attempt in Castries after a small personal achievement (63rd). With Urdapilletta turned, Castres got the score for the first time at the meeting (31-30). 21 La Rochelle leads 21 points in 23 after testing Leeds (2), Atonio (9) and Favre (23). before everything collapses. This isn’t the first time Rochelle has cracked in this way. At the beginning of December against the French stadium, They moved up 20 to 6 after half an hour of playing. In the end, they already had to accept the defense bonus (25-20).

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