Custer is still untouchable at home

Custer is still untouchable at home

The pace was caught by La Rochelle at the start of the match, and Castries managed to reverse direction and take advantage of Ihaia West’s lack of success on the foot at the end of the match to win from the smallest margins (31-30).

Caster starts 2022 on the basis of 2021! Unbeaten at Stade Pierre Fabre for the past year, he did not get the best of La Rochelle with courage and success. This was necessary to erase the start of a match that was simply missed. The Rochelles family was irresistible during the first 25 minutes of the meeting. In their first dangerous position, from the second minute on, Ronan O’Gara’s players found a loophole through Dylan Leeds. An attempt that came from a perfectly played touch playing Pierre Poplin’s Tawera Ker Barlow. Then Maritime’s back kick kicked into the back of Castres’ defense to find the South African winger, who was able to flatten into the corner.

Seven minutes later, it was Oweny Attonio who shined after a breakthrough from Jules Favre. The latter was then able to merge with Ihaia West, whose width allowed his column to settle for Rochelle’s second Test. Then the two scorers responded, Benjamin Urdabilita opened Caster’s counter before Ihiya West restored the difference by fourteen points in a quarter of an hour of play. Participated in the second attempt, Jules Favre went there alone in the 23rd minute. After a touch five meters from the CO goal, the match was pinned under poles but Tawera Kerr-Barlow was able to play with Pierre Popelin turning his wing perfectly for the Test who, at this point in the match, earned La Rochelle’s offensive bonus.

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La Rochelle ended up losing track

But from there, the tide turned to the Maritimes. With no subscribers, Custers found the light and were finally able to publish their game. Filippo Naccosi took the opportunity to revive his team half an hour before play. After a series of playing downwind, Benjamin Urdabileta was able to find his winger who, despite the Charente’s defense returning, was able to flatten into the corner. Happiness never comes alone, Martin Laveau made Custer supporters wake up just before the break. After landing, Filimonie Potito was found at the back and allowed La Rochelle’s defense to rise, opening several spaces. Julien Domora took the opportunity to play with his winger who fired off CO’s second attempt, taking his side to seven points on his return to the locker room.

Since the beginning of the second season, La Rochelle has found himself at the age of 14 after the yellow card received by Tawera Kerr-Barlow as a result of a major interference on Jeremy Fernandez. However, it was the Al-Ruchili who benefited the most from these ten minutes. After failing to introduce Julian Domora from the penalty spot nearly 50 meters from the post, Ihiya West did not hesitate to add six points to his team’s total…which was the last. Because Castris reversed direction within three minutes of the clock, and in a bold reminder from Filippo Naccosi, Filimone Potito sped the Charente defense before turning over Florent Vanverberge. Next, the Custers in the second row only had to deduce the CO2 raise to six lengths.

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Castries is connected to the platform

Then Freeman, Filimonie Potito became top scorer. Taking advantage of the lack of organization of La Rochelle’s defense after a touch, Castres center found space for offside and, despite the interference, fired his team’s fourth attempt. Then Benjamin Urdabilita had a heavy responsibility. The Argentine striker was not shy about this transformation and allowed his team, just a quarter of an hour after the end of the match, to move forward for the first time. Then Ronan Ogara sent all his strength to try to wrest the decision. But none of the Castries side who have clinging to their undefeated home ground for more than a year have faced each other. The end of the match saw the success of the players of Pierre-Henri Broncan.

Twice, Ihaya West had the opportunity to deliver the victory to Rochelle. The future Toulon player first found the position before seeing his teammates not take advantage of this redemption ball. Behind the siren, a little 25 meters to the right of the struts, the New Zealand striker had a match point that seemed to be in his ropes…but it cracked and made Custer rejoice in the crowd. CO won by a small point (31-30) in a match that was not promised. With this third win in a row, Custers pass in front of their victim of the evening to finish fourth in the standings, just four lengths away from Toulouse, and runners-up Bordeaux Beigles. For La Rochelle, this second defeat in three matches could damage the scenario.

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Fourteenth and fourteenth day high
Saturday 1 January 2022
French stadium in Paris – Perpignan: 17-17
Claremont – Toulouse: 16-13

Sunday January 2, 2022
bao – Brave: 43-20
Bordeaux Bagels – Biarritz: 30-27
caster – La Rochelle: 31-30
21h05 : 92- FC Lyon

postponed to a later date
Montpellier – Toulon

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