Royalty: Pomp and smoke: King Charles announces anti-tobacco training course – Entertainment

Royalty: Pomp and smoke: King Charles announces anti-tobacco training course – Entertainment

Traditionally, the head of state is not allowed to interfere in politics and has no influence on the speech delivered by the Prime Minister. Climate campaigners warn that the funding plans will harm the environment and weaken Britain’s climate goals. The government rejects this. However, the government has recently been forced to acknowledge that although these measures will increase energy security, they will not lead to lower consumer prices.

Otherwise?: There were no surprises in the 1,223-word speech, the longest at the opening of Parliament since 2005. It was about tenant and consumer rights, a ban on exporting livestock for slaughter, the legal framework for self-driving cars, and the oversight of English professional football. Sunak introduced the fewest laws by a prime minister in years. Sky News correspondent Tom Larkin commented: “Too many words and minimal action.” Journalist Pippa Crerar from The Guardian confirmed that what is particularly exciting is what has not been announced: such as regulating artificial intelligence or reforming “A Levels”, the British equivalent of Abitur. Observers agreed that Sunak had not had the great success he had hoped for in what was likely the final “official opening of Parliament”.

The crown, the king, and the chariot – pictures: The content of the King’s Speech is often known in advance. The most memorable aspect of the speech is the magnificent images of the crown, the king, and the chariot. Charles, accompanied by his wife Queen Camilla (76), was transported to Parliament on the “State Diamond Jubilee Bus” a week before his 75th birthday. While the King wore a state robe, the Queen has worn her own since the coronation in May, and for the first time, she has worn a state crown from the reign of King George IV.

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What made a particular stir was that the state crown weighed one kilogram on Charles’ head. This was the first time in seven years that a monarch wore the Imperial State Crown, studded with more than 3,000 diamonds, pearls and sapphires, for the occasion.

Overall, it was a historic occasion. After all, it has been more than 70 years since a monarch gave the King’s Speech. But it was not the first time Charles had presented a government statement. At the previous opening of Parliament in May 2022, he was still heir to the throne and read the speech on behalf of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who was in poor health and has now died. Not everyone liked the scene: in front of Parliament, many people protested against the monarchy with chants, flags and banners.

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