Ronan O'Gara, "That Crazy Irishman" who led Rochelle Stadium to its first title

Ronan O’Gara, “That Crazy Irishman” who led Rochelle Stadium to its first title

After his defeat as coach of Racing 92 in 2018 by Sexton & Partners, which was marked by the difficulty of winning this trophy as a player (2), Ronan O’Jara raised this prestigious trophy at the end of his third season as coach of the yellow team. and black. His first job as a manager. After the 2016 Brennus of Ciel et Blanc and the 2018 and 2019 Super Rugby with the Crusaders, the “super competition”, as Roman Sze described it, already has an impressive track record. Forging it against the hated rival is the best, a year after the brutal defeat against Toulouse at Twickenham…

“The Power of Persuasion”

In addition to seeing him as an artist, his great quality lies in his ability to be persuasive and persuasive. This Saturday, like many times since his arrival, ‘ROG’, the trophy on the table, remembered how his players must have wondered ‘who was this crazy Irish’ who shocked them that they could also embroider a star on their jersey.

“I was a top scorer, I understand the scorers in the final, but you have to score trying to win the cup”

If this showed up in 2021, in the half against Leinster, he was already convinced of it, in December 2019 he had a very big shout against his players, thrown out after 3 days of testing but discovered with appetite two years ago. “You’re either on the boat or you’re out,” the 45-year-old former opener swore. A few days later, a revamped team won in Glasgow (7-12).

Of course, Ronan O’Jara is based on a very independent group, formed largely by Patrice Collazo. From 2011 to 2018, Varroa distinguished himself with his captains (Uni Attonio, Roman Sazi, Gregory Aldret, Pierre Bourget, Victor Vito, Jeremy Senzel, not to mention Kevin Gordon) and made this package very crucial against Leinster, even if Will Skelton’s contribution in the year 2020 led him to another dimension. However, this first crown bears the seal of the citizen of San Diego (USA).

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“It’s 3-0”

And so, Attonio, Skelton, Bourget, Gordon and Facundo Bush happily came to splash water on him during his interview on Irish TV alongside Brian O’Driscoll and Lawrence Dallaglio. To conquer without danger, one conquers without glory, and the contrast, after the end, was so intense between his words and his words. A former competitor and now a friend Jonathan Sexton. Where #10 from Leinster stated that he wanted to build the match 3 points after 3 points, “ROG” has made very strong choices upstream. By setting his executives against the Stade Français despite a challenge in the top 14, by not putting No. 5 (Rémi Picquette) or opening scorer (Pierre Popelin) off the bench, by encouraging his players to knock on the door instead of taking foot points .

“It’s very difficult, it’s the dreadful side of the job. It hurts me to have ‘Leps’ (Levani Botia) on the field for only 15 minutes, the same for ‘Saze’ (Sazy), but Will’s looks and behavior were very important, he confirms- It was horrible to say to Pierre Popelin and the others up front ‘I have no place for you.’ You might say to yourself ‘He’s sick, this guy’. I was a top scorer, I understand the scorers in the final, but you have to score attempts to win the cup. Talk is 3-0 (3 0 attempts, editor’s note). My experience with Monster has taught me that 3, 6, 9 points are not enough.”

“Fortunately we don’t have injuries. On the other hand, three-quarters (Jules Favre and Dillyn Leyds, editor’s note) did a lot of shootout work in the shadows. It was very good for Ihaia (West) too. With all the things that have been in the past. , today all the work he has done is being validated.” With 100% on foot after his ordeal against Toulouse at Twickenham and then at Stade de France, the New Zealander was released. Also, Arthur Ritter, that “goal scorer” (Test scorer, editor’s note) told him “Thirty minutes today, win the match for me” after swearing on Monday that he would have a decisive role in the game’s end. Both gave reason to condemn “that mad Irishman”.

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