Ronan O'Gara rules out any departure from Rochelle Stadium in June 2022

Ronan O’Gara rules out any departure from Rochelle Stadium in June 2022

Written by Benjamin Dudon

While Irish media have made the previous opener of Monster the favorite to take over Cork Club and Limerick at the end of this season, Rochelle’s manager has denied wanting to leave the offshore project at Irish Examiner.

This is called tuning. In a column published on the “Irish Examiner” website on Thursday evening, December 16, titled “If I leave La Rochelle in five months, I will be Judas.”Ronan Ogaga denied any suggestion to leave. While it was extended in June until 2024, the previous inauguration of Munster and the 15th of Clover did not deny that the interest of his native Irish province had not left him indifferent (“I would lie if I said I slept well on Tuesday night”).

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A phone call was made to him after Johan van Graan’s departure from English club Bath at the end of the season was announced, but Al-Rucelli did not follow up. And ROG for emphasizing his “addiction” to the top 14 “world championships”, and the fact that no one broke his contracts before the clock: “I am a modern man. I am very happy both personally and professionally in La Rochelle,” at the heart of “a great project.” seem”.

“We love France”

And so Ronan O’Jara indicates that his squad will be, for the first time since joining, the team he picked this summer. “Then, you have 24 months to make this group work and be successful. Three years is not long, it is starting to take off now.” However, according to him, he could not demand from his players some form of loyalty if he did not keep his word on his side, at the risk of severing the connection between them. He says, “If I leave La Rochelle after five months as head coach, I will become Judas. If things don’t work out for my family, it won’t work for me.” […] We love France. He also notes that he never requested the departure clause in the case of communication from his former province or from XV du Trèfle.

He took the opportunity to scold his workforce a little – “the guys in France seem to believe everything they read in the media” – and to direct another rumor about the possible interest of New Zealander Scott Robertson, now in crusaders and who would like to lead the All-Blacks afterwards. On the other hand, Ronan O’Gara believes a tandem of Mike Prendergast (now at Racing 92) – Graham Rowntree (Monster striker coach) would be a good idea.

And if he does not fear that he will one day return to Ireland, we feel by the facts of ‘ROG’ that this time has not yet come, what more to seize the county of Munster (“It’s not now it’s not time”, though ‘It’s good’ always consider one a potential candidate.”). On the other hand, if the question is far from objective today, one might imagine – but about it, not talking about it – that if the Irish called him, sleep might escape from him. More than just a night.

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