Franck Azéma, ancien manager de Clermont désormais à la tête de Toulon.

After the failure of the LNR, Clermont still wants to get compensation from Toulon after the departure of Azéma

The head of the ASM reiterated his desire for compensation from RCT following the departure of his former manager.

Franck Azéma’s departure from Claremont has caused a lot of ink to flow, with ASM wanting compensation from RC Toulon where the technician works. The National Rugby League recently confirmed Azéma’s departure to RCT but Auvergne president Jean-Michel Guillon has made it clear he has no intention of taking compensation from the Var club.

«A contract is a contract. The football club’s economy depends in part on managing contract infractions. The club is starting from deficit and based on contract buybacks, we will fill in the gaps. In rugby, we should not take this approach. If a player or coach breaches a contract, he or his new club must pay compensation“,” explained in From the comments you reported the mountain .

The LNR’s Legal Committee dismissed ASM in this conflict with its former director, declaring that it was not qualified to rule on the matter. But the president of Clermont-Guillon does not intend to stop there. At the end of October, he replied in a press release:If disagreement continues over the amount of compensation owed to the club, we leave ourselves free to initiate the necessary legal procedures to clarify and resolve this situation.»

Frank Azima spent 11 years at ASM Clermont-Auvergne, from 2010 to 2021, initially as New Zealander assistant Verne Cotter in charge of full-back, then as head coach from 2014. In 2017, former assistant Jacques Brunel at Perpignan’s head (2009 France champion) led” Jaunards” to their second French title in their history after 2010.

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