Ron DeSantis withdraws from the race for the Republican nomination and announces that he will support Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis withdraws from the race for the Republican nomination and announces that he will support Donald Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Sunday, January 21, that he is withdrawing from the race for the Republican nomination, and that he will support Donald Trump in the presidential elections in November. “I will suspend my campaign today.”He said in a video clip published by X website. “It's clear to me that the majority of Republican primary voters want to give Donald Trump another chance.”

In a primary in which the former president is heavily favored, Ron DeSantis was in contention for second place with Nikki Haley, a former elected official from South Carolina. “I want to tell Ron he ran a very good campaign.”She replied emphasizing that “Now there's only one man and one lady left.” In the race.

Ron DeSantis, with hard-line stances on immigration and abortion, came in second place in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, far behind Donald Trump, with 21% of the vote to the former president's 51%. “I can't ask our volunteers to donate their time and money if we don't have a clear path to victory.”He justified this in his video. “I had disagreements with Donald Trump, such as over the coronavirus pandemic.”but “Trump is better than current President Joe Biden.”The 45-year-old added. His announcement comes two days before the primary elections in the US state of New Hampshire and a few days after black US Senator Tim Scott, who also announced his support for Donald Trump, withdrew from the race.

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Dynamics gradually lost

Often described as the rising star of his party last year, Ron DeSantis has gradually lost the dynamism that held him. Despite a high-profile start to the campaign and positive early polls, technical problems and ongoing turmoil for his team and campaign strategy hampered his bid for the Republican nomination.

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He had already canceled all of his TV interviews this weekend, indicating his decision. president “Sunshine State” Make Florida a laboratory for conservative ideas. He made American headlines with his fight against the supposed “Right thinking”.

He has made a name for himself nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic with rhetoric hostile to health measures. He also joined the governors of other Republican states in sending immigrants to Democratic cities in the north and east of the country. But the lack of charisma of this man with a compact physique and a rare smile was also criticized during the campaign. Now, Mr. DeSantis' political future is in question after he dropped out by one vote, although he remains governor of Florida.

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