Romeo, educated near Toulouse, is among the 15 winners of the competition

Romeo, educated near Toulouse, is among the 15 winners of the competition

200 students from all over France took part in a contest entitled “Your Drawing in Space”. The fifteen winners were announced on January 17, 2023. Among them: Romeo, educated near Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).

Who will see his drawing go into space? The answer was given on the afternoon of January 17, 2023 at Gaston Bonheur Primary School in Palma, near Toulouse. And it was the organizers of the competition, CEO of Kineis and Head of Education at Cité de l’Espace, who made the trip to announce the good news.

200 schoolchildren from all over France made a drawing in hopes of seeing it go into space. Subject for this contest: a SatellitesEarth to illustrate planet observation in order to protect the environment.

At Kineis, we have it SatellitesWe can track a lot of thingsexplains to the class Alexandre Tessrant. Objects, boats, animals, a whole lot of things…Multiple applications.We will launch 25 new ones Satellites Tiny satellites, about the size of a large shoebox and we have a small space to engrave graphicsfurther specifies the CEO of Kineis, as if to prolong the comment.

The fifteen winning designs will be engraved and taken to space. Degree winner? Romeo. “Ah yes ? this is very good“. applause.

Romeo shyly explains that he drew “A satellite goes to some kind of beach and watches the fish in the water.The little boy admits he took it twice to make his drawing. And he hit the mark.

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That’s okay because with the satellites we’re sending, that’s exactly what we’re doing. There are scientists who have little tags they put on sharks, turtles, and penguins to track themAlexandre Tesran confirms.

Scientific projectsThis is part of school learning: SatellitesAnd how to send it to space and its role in monitoring the Earth. Does it make you dream? Teacher Sonia Najari is fired. yes“.

in KeynesWe are committed to sharing this with the education community. It is also true that in an era of global warming and new space ambitions, we have told ourselves that developing everyone’s desirable space fantasies is crucial. He works from an early agesays the company’s CEO.

Wake up invitations. Making space an accessible dream. The job is already in progress. “He is very lucky with my drawing, he goes into space and sees earth. not me.Romeo is not aware of this, but he has a part of him involved in the conquest of space.

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