A Time Without You Théâtre de la Ville – L’Espace Cardin, January 20, 2023, Paris.

From Friday 20 January 2023 to Monday 23 January 2023:
From 6:00 pm to 6:50 pm.
Friday Sunday
From 7:00 pm to 7:50 pm
. to push
Solo perform like a fairytale duo, with dance mingling with words, music, and Greco-Roman wrestling. In better words, the desire of the other we were trying to meet.

Two chairs, two microphones and two towels. All set for a singing duet and a few rounds of wrestling. Yair Barlili is also ready, but what about his opponent – the partner? While he waited, he took us on a simultaneous journey to two opposite eastern nations whose inhabitants would rather love each other. He gets sucked into an urban double entender, singing and translating some terrifying hiking trails. And one fights in the Greco-Roman style, and the other becomes more legendary and desirable. Born in Jerusalem, former interpreter of Emmanuel Huynh, Christian Rizzo and others by Jerome Bell, Parelli sings and dances in geopolitical context, in struggle and in homage to those who could not join him. For any reason ? Face the stage, you will understand…

Design: Yair Bareilly
Explanation Yair Bareilly
Create light and space Yannick Foassier
create sound Jonathan Rigg
External looks Alex Boileau, Kerem Jelbeck
Produce Laura Aknin and Elisa Coleris
Thanks Marion Lagos and Daniel Alloush

Théâtre de la Cité – Espace Cardin 1, avenue Gabriel 75008 Paris

Contact: https://www.theatredelaville-paris.com/fr/spectacles/saison-2022-2023/danse/zaman-sans-toi 0142742277 https://www.facebook.com/TheatredelaVille.Paris/ https:// www.facebook.com/TheatredelaVille.Paris/ https://www.theatredelaville-paris.com/fr/spectacles/saison-2022-2023/danse/zaman-sans-toi
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