Romane Ménager packages for “WXV” in New Zealand

Romane Ménager packages for “WXV” in New Zealand

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The third line of the French women’s XV team, one of the executives of the Bleues team, has withdrawn from the “WXV” tournament, a new international tournament created by World Rugby which will be held in New Zealand (October 21 – November 4).

This is a severe blow to the group coached by Gael Minot and David Ortiz, who won the bronze medal at the World Cup in the fall of 2022 and finished second in the Six Nations in 2023. In addition to Romain Menagher (27 years old), Montpellier, 57 S.L., three-quarters of Lyon Lillo Gracier. (19 years, 0 sale.) It was also confiscated.

They were replaced in the group of 30 Blues players selected for the ‘WXV’ by second-row Chiara Zago (17 years old, Toulouse, 0 S.L.) and winger Caroline Boogaard (29 years old, Montpellier, 49 S.L.). ), identifies the FFR press release. The Blues travel to New Zealand on Sunday, where they will play three matches in the program of this new competition: against the “Black Ferns”, the defending world champions on October 21, against Australia on October 28, and finally against the Canadians on November 4. .

TF1 Group also announced on Thursday that it will broadcast French matches during WXV, as well as the next Women’s Rugby World Cup, in 2025 in England.

List of 30 blues tunes for WXV:

Attack: Ylana Brosseau (Boubigny), Clara Guyot (Blagnac), Assia Khalfaoui (Stade Bordelais), Coco Lindelof (Blagnac), Amber Muyembe (Grenoble), Elisa Rivonno (Ealing Trailfinders), Agathe Suchat (Stade Bordelais), Lore. Touillard (Montpellier), Madoussou Valle (Stade Bordelais), Manae Fillo (Grenoble), Audrey Forlani (Blagnac), Chiara Zago (Toulouse), Axel Berthomieu (Blagnac), Lea Chambon (Grenoble), Charlotte Escudero (Toulouse), Emeline Gros. . (Grenoble), Gaël Hermit (Toulouse).

Defenders: Ossien Borde (Toulouse), Pauline Bourdon-Sansos (Toulouse), Alexandra Chambon (Grenoble), Carla Arbez (Bordelier), Lena Kirui (Blagnac), Nasira Kounde (Stade Bordelier), Marine Menager (Montpellier), Gabriel Vernier (Blagnac). ), Cyril Panet (Montpellier), Caroline Bougard (Montpellier), Emilie Bullard (Blagnac), Morgane Bourgeois (Stade Bordelais), Soliana Seve (Stade Rennes).

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