France is worse than New Zealand against Italy

France is worse than New Zealand against Italy

Where New Zealand scored 76 to 17, France managed 60 to 7 or just eight tries while New Zealand scored fourteen tries for those poor Italians who were eliminated from the World Cup in France.

In terms of numbers, UBB must feel a little or even a little more satisfied because out of the eight attempts scored, we count two tries from Penaud, two from Moefana, one from Bielle-Biarrey and one from Jalibert who also inherited the title of man of the match because in Reality presented a good version, one might say, of Ntamack. That’s how six of the eight tries were scored by Bordeaux’s selected Piglet players, enough to make UBB fans’ chests swell, but they left two tries for Toulouse’s Muvaka and Ramos. And so we moved from the Toulouse joint to the Bordelaise joint in the French team, clearly showing that we already had dual capabilities in these positions while we apologize to the people of Toulouse and hope to see Toto behind the group again soon knowing that Loco has not been far behind and is available with his strength. Defensiveness. Both Jalibert and his friend from Bordeaux Piglet were able to put themselves at the service of the team to play and we witnessed a wonderful display that satisfied the spectators and spectators. The poor Italians suffered two crushing defeats in quick succession between New Zealand, which crushed them, and France, which left them little prospect of a small attempt to salvage their honour. Now New Zealand’s path separates from France’s and if the stars are favorable the final will allow these two teams to meet again for a final match because in its schedule it is difficult to know who the players of Ian Foster’s team can worry about because he showed in the first match we played against France, and in the last match against Uruguay. Humble, we’ve seen this team gain strength to become formidable, for example, with the improvement in Italy.

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In the France part of the table, the quarter-final may be the most complicated match as the Springboks are the defending champions but they ate the grass against Ireland. From what we have seen, it is certain that the French will be as prepared as possible and perhaps we will have the opportunity to see Dupont again without Loko being undeserved, but nothing is certain because from what we saw in the images provided by the TV, the hematoma under the eye of the half-bone has not been resolved. However, the time needed to strengthen the bones is still quite short. If France make it through the next round we should see them again in the semi-finals because hindsight will be enough, in the meantime we can be satisfied with what we saw from France except for this game other than Uruguay but it was important to get everyone playing. We will see some great battles with New Zealand vs Ireland which will be the focus of everyone’s attention and will certainly be interesting to follow on Saturday evening, but before that day itself in the afternoon they will face Wales/Argentina which seems to be open, and on Sunday to continue the quarter-final matches, We will qualify for the England/Fiji clash which should allow England to get through this round against a team beaten by Portugal and who appear to have diminished. To round off this weekend, we’ll bring the match that matters directly to France with what could be a very physical clash with South Africa. We are now in the make or break phase, and the entire week we will calculate the teams’ chances of passing this round, which Australia missed.

Loco is satisfied with the result
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France: 60 (8 attempts Benaud II, 38, Bel Piare 13, Ramos 22, Jalibert 47, Mofaka 54, Moivana 64, 76; 2 penalties Ramos Jamint VII 80+1; 7 transitions Ramos (III, 14, 23, 38, 48, 55, Gamment 65)

Italy: 7 (1 try Zulyani. 1 transformation now)

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