Roman Netmak: "Knowing how to control time during a match is essential"

Roman Netmak: “Knowing how to control time during a match is essential”

to meAfter two victories in the Six Nations, most recently, a final an hour before the fifteenth clash of Irish Clover (30-24), the French-Scottish Fifteen will take on Chardon on Saturday on a tough ground to overcome. Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh (3.15pm). Currently at the top of the tournament standings, France in the Galactic era, which is gaining maturity and experience, is the only country still vying for a Grand Slam title in the competition – the coveted trophy since 2010 – and all of its rivals have lost at least one match. But by March 19, the last date of the tournament in which France will battle England in their garden at the Stade de France, it will be necessary to win a trap match against Scotland on Saturday, the only team without Fabien Galte’s men. After his defeat (two defeats), then go and win in Cardiff, in the Welsh Red Devils Cauldron. The Blues, led by a half-scrum and captain Antoine Dupont, could rely on the second axis of one of the most legendary hinges of the 15th of France, in the person of Romain Netamac. Editorial Toulouse of Team France (22, 25 picks) and new ambassador for US brand Garmin, returns to Le Point for this collaboration, managing his time and position as No. 10. Interview.

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Le Point: If you weren’t a rugby player, how would you spend your time?

roman netmak : I think I would have tried to further my education, maybe in trade or events, but sport has always had a huge place in my life even without being a rugby player.

Is time a luxury for you?

In fact, time is a rather rare luxury at the end because we have so little time to devote to ourselves, our loved ones or other activities, we are busy every weekend, during the week we fall between training and recovery, so it’s a very hard time Thinking or doing anything other than rugby on the side.

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Why did you choose the Garmin brand and be a MARQ group ambassador?

I chose Garmin because it is a brand that works for me, with which we stand for the same values ​​and more specifically the MARQ range because it is a top-notch sports range for sports.

What Garmin products are you currently using? and your loved ones?

I use a MARQ Athlete watch, it serves me for my group or personal training. My relatives use ancestors or fenix.

What do you think of the best features that Garmin watches have to offer?

They are all very useful for any field. It depends on the activity we choose to do, be it running, golf or any sport, we will always find a feature that will be useful to us.

What do Garmin products offer you the most in your everyday life and in your physical preparation?

They serve me a lot during non-rugby periods, during my off-season personal training or during vacation periods. I can do my training on my own using my real time data, it’s great.

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Is mastering time worth mastering the game?

Knowing how to control time during a match is essential. We sometimes have instructions and goals to achieve depending on the time in the first or second period.

How to master the correct rhythm during the confrontation?

The role of the game leaders and especially the joint is to know how to manage the good rhythm of his team. Learn how to manage highlights as well as low times for a match. You work on it in training and you have to know your team to manage everything well.

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How do you manage the first half? Is this a difficult time to negotiate?

A break is a moment of calm, during which we return to the pressure for a few minutes. We also receive instructions from the coaches and the game leaders express their feelings about the first half. It lets us know what we can do better or what we should keep doing in the second half. It’s a very important moment in the match.

Time is a rare luxuryroman netmak

Can you describe the shortest and longest minutes of your life on the field?

The shortest minute of my life on the pitch was Hakka against the New Zealanders in November 2021. I hope it lasts longer, because I’ve watched them all my life, knowing Hakka by heart and finally meeting face to face was something extraordinary.

The longest minute of my life on the field is definitely the last minute of the European Cup final, we were only 5 points ahead and we had the ball in our court, the clock was ticking but it seemed like an eternity, once in eighty. The minute ended and the ball came out as a rescue.

Your fondest memories as a professional rugby player?

I’m starting to have a lot of good memories, but I will remember the finals.

For you, what does position number 10 represent?

This post represents my whole life as a rugby player, I’ve always liked the guy who wore the number 10 on his back. They have always been complete and very talented players and every time I had the chance to be able to wear him at Toulouse and in the French national team, it was always a great moment for me.

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A shirt that puts some stress?

He can put a certain pressure on, especially in France where we know it’s a very predictable situation. When the ten plays well we adore him, when he plays a little less he becomes enemy number 1. So you have to be aware of that but when you play in that position it is because you like the pressure and the strong sensations.

Do you have a star opener that inspires you?

Yes of course, as I said recently to me, he was always Dan Carter, the perfect 10 man for me, he could do everything when attacking and he was an excellent defender, definitely the best player in history.

Clearly, rugby remains a team sport but during confrontation, does the number 10 duel represent another match within the match?

I don’t know, at least I don’t see it that way. Obviously we always want to be better than the one with the same number we have on the opposing team but I don’t focus on my opponent when I play.

Finally, you are currently training with Antoine Dupont, one of the most promising joints in the current game of rugby. Is playing together in the same club an advantage for your matches in the France national team?

Yes it is an advantage because we know each other by heart, and together we develop every day so that it facilitates the communication, mechanisms and reactions of one and the other. The fact that the club and the French national team are constantly developing allows us to enhance all this with every outing.

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