Roma wins the Europa League

Media365 Editorial Staff, posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 11:00 PM.

Roma, led by Jose Mourinho, defeated Feyenoord in the final of the European League Conference on Wednesday evening (1-0).

The intensity, the twists, the turns and the great excitement: the first edition of the European League Conference will still be a success, although this final did not reflect that. The new “European Small Cup” concluded on Wednesday with an interesting poster between Roma and Feyenoord Rotterdam. A duel between two strongholds of the second category of European football. And at the end of the night, it was the last word of the Romans.

Jose Mourinho had said a few days ago that this final was the most important of his career. When you open the Big Book of Special One, he can challenge this version – remember the guy has the two-time Champions League (with Porto and Inter Milan) and the Europa League (Porto and Manchester United) in his personal window. But the Portuguese, who was well aware of the momentum that was building up in the Eternal City, did everything to ride this positive wave. This influence has paid off.

Italian victory for Rome

So Mourinho invoked his old formulas to achieve his goal today: Moving the match to the emotional and tactical pitch was a key factor in this final for Roma. We soon realized that the bets would kill the game. Difficult, intense and closed, the first action was so unexciting that spectators at the Arena Komb√ętare in Tirana had no clear opportunity to put themselves under the tooth, if not the opening result, decisive for the wolf: a good sequence to control the recovery of Zaniolo after the opening of Mancini (1-0, 32 e).

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The Giallorossi found the hole with his first shot. Mourinho’s plan was flawless. On his show, half way done. All that remains is to close the gates. Another case, in the middle of a second period where the sky was a little spoiled for the Italian team, was propped up in the thirty meters to reduce spaces as much as possible. This did not prevent him from going through some turmoil. With more success, Feyenoord should have reappeared in this meeting, but Rui Patricio took advantage of luck when he was saved twice by his duets – in recovery from Trauner (47th position) and a halfway shot from Malacia (50th).

Once the storm passed, the wolf found the resources to launch some counterattack that could have given him some air. Abraham could have gotten something by breaking it while spinning on goal (53), while Veritot (73) and Pellegrini (86) both missed the first half. After a final thrill of a massive chance from Linssen (90+2), Roma held that precious advantage until the end. The moment of survival for this popular club that has never climbed to the surface of the continent. Implemented. Rome is eternal.

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