Childhood occult hepatitis: 600 children infected and nearly 30 liver transplants performed... Status update

Childhood occult hepatitis: 600 children infected and nearly 30 liver transplants performed… Status update

The origin of this mysterious hepatitis remains undetermined. However, scientists are considering many avenues such as the adenovirus, Covid, but also the arrival of a new virus that is still unknown.

while cases Occult hepatitis in childhood It was developed over a month ago now, and the origin of this disease is still undetermined.

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The current extent of the disease

The disease currently affects more than 600 children In the world, it was all healthy before. more than 21 countries identified cases among its residents.

This disease with serious consequences may cause 26 Liver Transplants according to Watchman. The symptoms Remains the same: vomiting, jaundice and diarrhea forcingHospital treatment many children.

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Currently, the most affected countries are United State who depends 180 casesand the United kingdom Plural 197 patients.

Consider the reasons

Although there are many cases,The origin of the disease is still unknown. Jason KendracchukProfessor of Microbiology says:“I don’t think we have all those pieces of the puzzle yet.”

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L ‘glandular It is still being studied, but the liver tissue of affected patients does not contain No sign of the viruswhich causes themisunderstanding researchers.

Two children under the age of 10 were treated for symptoms of hepatitis “with no known cause,” and their cases were identified and included in the ongoing global investigation into hepatitis in children, according to the Utah Department of Health.

– The Salt Lake Tribune (@sltrib) 25 May 2022

This acute inflammation of the liver can also be one of the effects of long covid. If Covid could indeed have consequences for liver, Not all sick children become infected COVID-19.

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Finally, many scientists are studying the possibility of a new virus repeatedly Anonymous be mysterious origin Childhood hepatitis.

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