Rockshox flight attendant seen in DH?  ⋆ fujo

Rockshox flight attendant seen in DH? ⋆ fujo

During one race early in the season, we saw Loris Verger riding a flight attendant-equipped bike, but no downhill model equipped with it. Communications transition from RockShox or development to follow? This topic sounds interesting.

We recently introduced RockShox's new electronic and automated suspension management system, Flight Attendant XC. The latest developments have allowed it to take a step forward both on cross-country racetracks and for ordinary riders passionate about fine equipment. RockShox clearly doesn't seem to want to stop there!

At launch, the Flight Attendant was only found in suspension models intended for uses ranging from track to enduro with the three-position equipped RCT3 cartridge, before later being revised to adapt to the different construction of the cross-country model with the Charge Race Day 2 cartridge.

There wouldn't be much interest in moving this suspension locking process to DH, knowing that there are rare times when full or even partial suspension locking would be an advantage. Conversely, the ability to access more subtle adjustments like high- and low-speed compressions or even rebound without taking your hands off the handlebars feels more solid to us.

In the photos, we also notice a controller on the left side of the handlebar which has no reason to be there, so we doubt it is connected to the system as in the classic Flight Attendant. To have the “override” function as in the current system? Or for something more advanced like choosing between two settings maps?

This approach will represent a significant step forward compared to the classic flight attendant but will make sense in DH and will provide an advantage when we know the level of analysis and improvement of feedback processes at this level of competition.

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It is clearly impossible not to compare with the mysterious system that Loic Bruni has used in his Öhlins suspension for almost two years. Will the future of DH include electronics? This is a topic that will be interesting to follow!

Rockshox Flight Attendant

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