The humanoid robot 1X continues to impress with its progress

The humanoid robot 1X continues to impress with its progress

In a very short time, the 1X robot taught itself to perform many new tasks. However, he is not helped with his pincers instead of his hands, but this does not prevent him from being completely efficient and independent.

We're not stopping progress, and the progress made by the 1X robot is impressive. Just over a month ago, the robot was already capable of performing several tasks autonomously. Today, a new video shows his learning accelerating. The Norwegian robot has no legs and coils. He has no hands, but pincers and doordoor Sort of a smiley face jumpsuit.

Using just pincers, the 1X robot shows that it has learned to perform many new tasks. © 1X Tech


1X's behavioral AI is making giant strides and this new video shows it extracting products from the bag and storing them correctly in treasurytreasury. He also knows how to use a rag to clean the surface and is very skilled and careful with opening the box with his pliers. He also knows how to fold shirts. All thanks to artificial intelligence that is able to learn on its own.

Watch Eve's humanoid robots in action in a slightly surreal video

1X Technologies has just posted a video demonstrating its capabilities A robotic creature with a humanoid structureA robotic creature with a humanoid structure Eve. About thirty robots perform many different tasks completely autonomously.

Article fromEdward BuckEdward Buck Published on February 13

New AI models aren't just for creating text and images. It will also enable the creation of versatile robots, capable of performing a large number of tasks and quickly adapting to new work. This is what 1X Technologies is working on. The company announced $23.5 million in fundraising last year, with significant support from OpenAI, and then another $100 million in January.

This robot has taught itself how to make coffee, which is no easy feat

The funds obtained will be used to develop the bipedal robot The new onesThe company is also working on another model called… Eve. This is simpler, having no legs but a long torso mounted on wheels, and claws instead of hands with jointed fingers. This allows the company to focus on what is essential, which is creating a robot capable of performing a large number of tasks. 1X Technologies has just released a video to show off their recent progress.

Eve robots perform various tasks in a video filmed in real time and in a single take. © 1X Technologies

One AI model for all tasks

The company specifies that the video was filmed in real time, and that all robots operate autonomously, without the slightest human intervention. Robots move and perform many different tasks, which mainly involve grasping objects at different heights to move them. They even manage to crouch down, which, combined with the smiley faces on display, gives a somewhat dystopian feel.

Robots use the same neural network for all visually learned behaviors. The network received global behavioral training for the first time physicalphysical, and then on more specific tasks. He learns by watching demonstrations in the form of pictures. To learn a new task, it only takes a few minutes to collect data and train it using a simple PC graphics card. I witnessed them SpeedSpeedThese robots are not about to be employed AmazonAmazon. However, the progress they have made is impressive.

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