Rocket League: A Big Change for Rocket Pass 3

Rocket League: A Big Change for Rocket Pass 3

Psyonix lets you take a look at the new Rocket Pass Pro Tiers! Source: Psyonix / Epic Games

The third season started on Wednesday in the Rocket League! Since 5 PM, its motto has been: Season 2 rewards, new swap list, new challenges, and, and! Of course, a new Rocket Pass is also available, where you can once again earn various items and skins.

If you don’t invest any money, you will get a bonus every several levels on the free track, and if you buy the premium version for 1000 credits, you will get an additional new item in each level for 70 levels. There are again 70 Levels in total before the Professional Levels start. This is exactly where we got to the big change compared to the seasons behind us.

Professional insight in advance

So, unlike before, you can see the first professional levels now. Previously, any rewards above level 70 were a secret. Psyonix appears to no longer adhere to this strategy. Those who purchase Premium Rocket Pass 3 can rate expected rewards from Level 71 to 100 in advance.

However, this still included special editions and color variants of some items, and the basic look that I achieved in the first 70 levels of pass.

What do you think of the Level 30 preview? Do you spoil the surprise or do you think it’s cool to be able to look at the special bonuses beforehand?

Season 3 Pro Tiers Preview
The new Rocket Pass 3 gives you a first look at the professional levels. Source: Psyonix / Epic Games

New Challenges: Beginning stages 2-4 are known

There are new rewards not only as part of the newly launched Rocket Pass 3, but also for the first stages of four other stages of new challenges that you can complete over the course of the entire season. You can complete six challenges for free in the first stage, and another six challenges available to Premium owners.

Those who completed at least 22 challenges at the end of the season can look forward to a few extra loot containers. Another new feature of the challenges is that Psyonix would like to block many inquiries and it is already revealing the dates that stages 2 through 4 will start.

Phase 2 must take effect on May 12, 2021, and Phase 3 will follow on June 16. Last but not least, Stage 4 must be available starting July 14th. According to the current plan, the season will run until August 11, 2021.

A quick look at the challenges of Phase 1

These are the first twelve challenges in Phase One
These are the first twelve challenges in Phase One. Source: Psyonix / Epic Games

All additional information about the start of the third season

Rocket League: A quick overview of all the info about the start of Season Three

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