Discouraging for Galaxy users: Popular smartphones no longer receive monthly updates

Discouraging for Galaxy users: Popular smartphones no longer receive monthly updates

Older Samsung smartphone owners usually run into trouble after three years – they either dispense with important security patches or are looking for a new mobile phone that gets updated regularly with updates.

When it comes to security updates, Samsung distinguishes between three categories of devices:

  • Newly released mid-range models as well as flagships from Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note Just like the Galaxy S20, Note 20, or Galaxy Fold, you get a security update every month.
  • Slightly older devices, Including the Galaxy S8 (Plus) or A10 and Tab S5e models receive updates quarterly.
  • Devices that are about to end support after three years (For example, currently, the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A8 +) are getting much less updates. Categories are also regularly updated by Samsung – this also means cell phones are in the last category Sooner or later drop out of update support altogether.

As a service, Samsung provides users with a document in which the supported smartphones are listed. We have summarized the still supported Samsung smartphones below.

It is noted that some changes should be noted in the most recent version of the document. So come on The popular Galaxy S9 range From now on, no more monthly support, but it moves to the quarterly support category. At the same time, the forms slide out Galaxy M10, M30 and A30 From the second to the third category. However, they are no longer receiving any support Galaxy Tab S3, Which was also removed from the third order.

Important: Your device is in the list It is no longer includedSo, buying a new smartphone is worth considering – if you really want to be on the safe side. Our Cell phone leaderboardIt helps you find the perfect smartphone with its comprehensive filter functions.
Alternatively, customers can also take advantage of Samsung’s “trade-in” offer: if you have an old model and want to buy a new one, you can trade the first model. Then the purchase value of the old device is deducted directly from the purchase price at the Samsung online store checkout. You can find more information At this address.
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