Rochelais Levani Botia and Victor Vito brought a touch of magic

Rochelais Levani Botia and Victor Vito brought a touch of magic

It must be said that he was well helped by Livani Botia and Victor Vito, who are 33 and 35 years old respectively, who, against Montpellier, blew through the coals of their golden age. It caught fire, but we weren’t shocked or surprised. They are very great players, they are always present in the big matches”, confirms captain Gregory Aldrett.

Vito is leaving this summer

from 3And Minute, the Fijian center sets the tone for a special evening, with an after-school calling card for the former All Black. This player catches the ball with one hand to return it along the body despite the pressure of the Herault curtain, in reference to an exceptional gesture made against Ulster, in 2017, in one of the yellow and black’s first matches in the prestigious European competition. In the second half, the roles are reversed, the kiwi makes a pass between the legs to the center of his headband. After a few plays, the latter slipped into the goal (22-14, 48 .).And). “Sort of Magic” as Queen sang in 1986…

“We talked about it, we wanted to take the pressure off and play a little bit like 2016-2017, when I arrived”

“We talked about it, we wanted to release the pressure and play a bit like 2016-2017, when I arrived, confirms Victor Vito. We didn’t feel pressure, we just wanted to play. It was like today. Sometimes it’s all in our favor, it’s hard to explain. When it’s Also, with us, when the weather is nice, we can play well.” And it hurts, like the Fijian, who always makes a crazy effort at the slightest of his gestures. “It’s an unbelievable feeling, this season, it’s harder and more physical, we’re happy to win, we support Botia. Vic is a great player, he’s talented, smart, strong… For me, sometimes I feel I have to keep the ball more, sometimes I have to. To pass it and find spaces.”

New proof of the merit of the two witnesses, another successful pass after contact by the Fijian who, after a succession from Jules Favre, turned out to be the New Zealander’s first attempt of the season, on the 16thAnd Under the colors of La Rochelle, which he will leave this summer after six seasons at the club. “He didn’t offer me anything, so it would be a family decision, we will take a step back. Sometimes my wife is stronger than the club,” he smiles, when the idea is presented to him that by chanting his name during a high honour, the audience might have the idea of ​​seeing stay.

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