"Riverdale" -KJ Apa - This is how the New Zealander became a star

“Riverdale” -KJ Apa – This is how the New Zealander became a star

“Riverdale” has been on Netflix since 2017. The television production now consists of five seasons and is in production on a rolling basis. The characters in the series are based on characters of the same name from the “Archie” comics. The main character “Archie” was played by actor KJ Apa (23). He has become very popular since the success of the series. We will tell you how he became a star.

“Riverdale” -KJ Apa: First observed in 2014

KJ Apa, whose full name is Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa, was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He first learned about it in New Zealand in 2014 when he played “Kane Jenkins” in the TV series “Shortland Street” until 2015.

The following year he got the main role in the series “The Cul De Sac”. With that, his acting career took off. The big breakthrough came in 2017: KJ became a star with his role as “Archie Andrews” on “Riverdale”. Here Inspires Netflix hottie هو alongside “Zack & Cody” star Cole Sprouse (28), Lili Reinhart (24) and Camila Mendes (26).

But KJ Apa is not only active as an actor. He is also a musician and released a solo guitar album at the age of 14. In “Riverdale” as well as in the 2020 movie “I Still Believe” with him in the lead role, you can often hear KJ singing or playing his guitar. We’re sure we’ll continue to hear a lot more from KJ Apa in the future.

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