Rite Aid apologizes after rejecting COVID vaccine to two illegal immigrants

Rite Aid apologizes after rejecting COVID vaccine to two illegal immigrants

Aid ritual He apologized to two illegal immigrants after they were denied by stores in Southern California COVID-19 Vaccines.

“In such an unprecedented launch, there will be bugs and there will always be areas for service providers to improve – we look for these opportunities every day,” said Rite Aid in a statement to FOX Business.

The retail pharmacy chain confirmed that both women received their first dose after they were initially told they would not be able to be vaccinated earlier this month.

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One of the undocumented women, a mother in the San Fernando Valley, was reportedly banished from assisting rituals in Mission Hills after showing off her foreign identity. CABC. Meanwhile, another South Orange County woman was denied vaccination against COVID-19 twice in the same day at Rite Aid in Laguna Niguel last week, the outlet reported.

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The son of one of the women, Sebastian Araujo, took to social media after the March 14 incident, saying he was “terrified” by the situation and that his mother was crying.

“[Rite Aid] She asked for her Social Security and the woman standing at the front kept saying that they are not vaccinating people who weren’t documented. My mom was literally crying and I’m literally dreading, ” Araujo tweeted.

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The company told FOX Business that these two errors are “separate incidents” and are looking for opportunities to improve them.

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According to the company, both the store’s employees and its regional teams have been retrained on its nondisclosure policy.

Rite Aid said: “In the event that a customer does not have an identity, we advise our partners not to alienate the customer.”

The company said that Rite Aid is “conducting a thorough investigation of this incident”.

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