Dow Jones Futures: Are Tech Stocks Back?  3 tech giants driving the stock market rally

Dow Jones Futures: Are Tech Stocks Back? 3 tech giants driving the stock market rally

Dow futures rose, along with S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures, late Monday, as Treasury yields retreated from recent highs. Shares in Tesla, Applied Materials and Nvidia led the stock market rally on Monday.


On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 0.3%. The S&P 500 rose 0.7%, while the technology-based Nasdaq Composite outperformed, up 1.2% even after cutting gains.

between the Dow Jones leadersAnd the Apple, city, cat (AAPLIt was up 2.8% on Monday, while … Microsoft (MSFTIt rose 2.45% in Stock market today. Boeing (Bachelor of) It returned to its buying range after the recent breakout, while Nike (From) He recovered part of Friday’s stumble.

Tesla (TSLAIt rose 6.8% on Monday after a massive hike in ARK Invest’s target price before cutting gains.

Among the top stocks to watch are the chip leaders Applied materials (AMAT), ASML (ASML), MKS Tools (MKSI), NVidia (NVDA) And the Corfu (QRVO) In or near buying areas in the current stock market rally.

while, the alphabet (The Google), And the Wayfair (W.) Is also approaching new purchase points. the alphabet Was featured In this week The stocks are near the buying area Column, while Wayfair was IBD stocks on Monday 50 to watch Picking or picking.

Alphabet, Microsoft and Nvidia Stock IBD Leaderboard. It was MKS Instruments Today’s stocks are Tuesday from IBD.

Dow Jones Today: Treasury Returns

After the stock market closed on Monday, Dow Jones futures, along with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures, rose 0.1% each against fair value. Remember to trade in Dow Jones Futures And anywhere else it does not necessarily translate into actual circulation in the next normal cycle Stock market Period.

Overview of the US stock market today

index Code price Profit / loss % They change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 32730.35 +102.38 +0.31
Standard & Poor’s 500 (0S & P5) 3940.56 +27.46 +0.70
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 13377.54 +162.31 +1.23
Russell 2000 (etc.) 225.23 -1.71 -0.75
Defect 50 (fifty) 46.85 +0.08 +0.17
Last update: 4:38 PM ET 3/22/2021

On Friday, the 10-year Treasury yield rose to 1.754% before closing at 1.732%. The 10-year Treasury yield fell below 1.7% on Monday to close at 1.684%.

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within Exchange of traded fundsIBD 50 InnovatorfiftyIt rose 0.2% on Monday. Nasdaq 100 Index Invesco QQQ Trust ETF (QQQIt gained 1.75% on Monday. Meanwhile, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (spyIt rose 0.8%.

Stock market rally: Nasdaq is testing key level again

Amid the current rally in the stock market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index cut a series of two-day losses on Monday with modest gains.

Meanwhile, the high-tech Nasdaq is trying again to regain the main 50-day moving average line, but it fell on Monday. Last Thursday, the Nasdaq Composite abandoned this key level. The Nasdaq will need to overcome this major hurdle in order to maintain its upward trajectory. The 50-day line is a critical potential resistance level. If the Nasdaq erases it decisively, new highs could be on the horizon.

IBD Market Forecast I was Upgraded to a “confirmed uptrend” On March 10, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit new highs.

Big Friday picture He commented: “The weekly losses indicate growing concern on Wall Street about the cost of money. Long-term interest rates have risen, in percentage terms, since early August. The yield on the benchmark 10-year US Treasury has more than tripled from 0.50%. To 1.75%, according to Cboe market data.

ETF Stock Market Strategy and How to Invest

Dow Jones Stocks: Boeing and Nike

Inside the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Boeing is back in the buying range above 244.18 long points at the base of the cup amid a three-day losing streak. Shares are down about 2% on Monday.

Meanwhile, Nike stock continues to build steady at 148.05 buy points, according to IBD Market Smith Graph analysis. Shares are now about 6% away from the point of purchase.

On Friday, Nike slumped 4% after the company Mixed fiscal third quarter results. Nike shares rose 0.6% on Monday, but remained below the 50-day streak.

Chip Stock to Monitor: Applied Materials, Nvidia

Chip stocks are still one of the top tech names in the current stock market rally. (VanEck Vectors Semiconductor Foundation)SMH) new IBD SwingTrader In addition to the two amid a rise of 2.3%.

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Applied Materials continues its recovery from 50 day support. Shares are up 3.9% on Monday which is only 4% of new highs.

ASML once again jumped above the 50-day line, rising 5.2% on Monday. Stocks in the sixth week of the potential base. The minimum base length of a mug is six weeks, so a new buying point may appear at the end of the week.

Qorvo found support at the 50-day line on Friday and continued its bounce on Monday, up 1.9%. Shares close at a buy point of 191.93, while an early entry is found at 185.96.

else Today’s stocks are Tuesday from IBD, MKS Instruments, just under 177.46 points purchased at a Double bottom Amid Monday’s gain of 2.4%. Buying area increased 5% to 186.33.

to me Inventory check for IBDAnd the MKSI stock It boasts 99 ideal ones IBD compound classification. The IBD Composite Rating helps investors easily measure the quality of a stock’s fundamental and technical metrics.

Chip giant NVidia (NVDAProgress of 3.4%. It is possible that a graphics chip maker will make the right side of a new base, but it’s too early to get a traditional buying point. It would be a strong day to recover the 50-day bullish stock forecast.

Stocks near Buying Zones: Alphabet, Wayfair

IBD Leaderboard Alphabet on Friday completed a five-week flat base, creating a new buy point at 2,145.24, according to IBD Market Smith Graph analysis. Shares are about 6% away from the new entry. GOOGL shares rose 0.2% on Monday.

According to Leaderboard’s comment, “Alphabet has made better progress than other big tech companies recently. Support at the 21-day streak defines the current charting action. The last rule was stage two.”

IBD stocks on Monday 50 to watch pick, Wayfair, tries to cross buy point 343.09 in a glass with a handle. Shares are up 3.1% on Monday and are in a buying range.

IBD Live: a new tool for daily stock market analysis

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Tesla Stock

Tesla shares rose more than 6% before slashing its gains to 2.3% on Monday after Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest announced its new target price of 3,000 by 2025. The price target uses expectations that the electric car giant will launch a self-driving robot service built to its full capacity . Autonomous technology platform. It could generate $ 327 billion in revenue. According to Ark research. The bull case price target is 4000, while the 2025 target price is 1500.

Tesla shares ended Monday around 26% from their 52-week high. Tesla stock may be a new base, but it’s too early to get a perfect risk buying point.

On February 22nd, Tesla broke out of the key 10-week moving average line, which is an important support level. On January 25, Tesla stock hit a record high of 900.40, after rising 93% from 466 buy-in points in a cup-handle.

Dow Jones Leaders: Apple and Microsoft

From among the top Dow Jones StocksApple advanced nearly 3% on Monday, ending a three-day losing streak that saw resistance around the 10-week moving average line. Apple stock is recovering from its long-term 40-week streak and may soon try to recover its 10-week streak.

On February 18, Apple stock launched a sell rule to cut losses 7% to 8% when it fell more than 7% below 138.89 buy-in points in a cup with a handle.

Meanwhile, software giant Microsoft Corp. rose 2.45% on Monday, regaining its 50-day flagship line. The shares returned above 232.96 buy points and approached 246.23 longs on a new flat base.

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