Red will soon be shown in German cinemas

Red will soon be shown in German cinemas

Crunchyroll Movie Distribution will bring the tape soon 1 piece: red In German cinemas. Luffy and the Straw Hat Gang are back this time with seven songs!

Fifteenth pieceThe film celebrates its world premiere in Japan at the end of July and can be viewed there regularly from the beginning of August. Crunchyroll starts in the USA and Canada as well as Australia and New Zealand 1 piece: red Then too.

About the movie itself he says: “Great voice. With fiery red curls: Princess Ota, the world’s most famous singer, presents her first live concert on the musical island of Elijah! The Straw Hat Pirates, other pirates, the Navy and a large audience want to experience Ota’s ‘weird’ sound.” However, She appeared in a completely different light when Luffy revealed the shocking fact that she is the red-haired daughter of the Pirate Emperor Shanks! What exactly is this “new era in which everyone is happy” that Ota sings about? Will her voice bring eternal happiness or endless prison?”

The German theatrical release will follow the Japanese model and celebrate for the first time the German premiere, after which the film will be shown regularly. previously one piece of gold (2016) and more recently One Piece: Stampede (2019) Halls sold out nationwide.

The new film will be shown in cinemas in the original Japanese language with subtitles and in the German dubbed version.

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