Red flame in the truth match easily after Poland

Red flame in the truth match easily after Poland

They only had to defeat a serious opponent, which is what happened with this opponent. The Red Flames beat Poland 4-0 and participated more than ever in the 2023 World Cup.

Speed, power, pure football quality: it was all in the home match in Leuven. The match against Armenia was not 19-0 last week, but this decisive victory over Poland is the essential match that the Belgians need.

Brutal scores, all good. But in the two biggest World Cup qualifiers in Poland (1-1) and Norway (4-0), Red Flames have booked just one in six so far. So while the group winner is the only one confirmed for the world championships in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. Number two plays jumping jacks. In their native Poland, it should have been clear whether the Belgians really had a real chance of making their debut at the World Cup Finals at Down Under. This also became evident in Den Drive.

It was the best start for the Poles and the fire had difficulty preparing for a successful attack early on. Soon the Belgians began to put more pressure forward and in the fifteen minutes leading up to the goal to take the lead. Wallart made it to the baseline and cleverly returned to De Kinney, who fired 1-0 into the far corner. It didn’t matter if Eurlings scored the second goal on the spot, but Polish goalkeeper Klaps kept his team afloat. Bismann also had a good 2-0 opportunity when a free kick fell in front of his feet, but his shot was deflected.

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In half an hour, the Poles came close to scoring for the first time during a particularly chaotic stage in front of the Belgian goal, as everyone seemed to hold each other back. The guard managed to flee from the beating. After that, Eurlings appeared to score but was reported for offside. On his third chance, it was a prize for the OHL striker. Wullaert sent Biesmans deep with a superb through pass and Eurlings scored 2-0 at the rebounding net. Flames thundered like a fast train on the opponent and after 40 minutes the score was 3-0. Cayman Leather led the goal from outside the penalty area.

The Belgians were especially good at playing football and were smarter, faster and technically stronger than Poland. The Red Flames were first on the ball almost everywhere and entered the first half with a hand bonus.

Better work

The Poles weren’t hoping that Belgium would slow down after the break, but that wasn’t immediately the case. Wallart partnered well with Cayman, who turned out to be De Kinney. The latter saw that her shot hit a Polish defender, but she kept her second goal in the evening. Then Red Flames took control of the game.

This big win over a noteworthy opponent was exactly what the players of the national team coach Eve Cernells needed. With your 19-0 win over Armenia, you buy few points but three makes sense. With this victory instead – a benchmark match from all points of view – Flames is doing a great job. With 13 points, they top Group F after Norway, although the Norwegians will have three more points if they continue their match against Armenia on Wednesday night. This was halted on Tuesday evening due to heavy fog with a score of 0-9.

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Belgium already beat Poland who has 11 points. Flames’ next mission will be to visit Albania on April 7. The World Cup has only just begun, but Down Under’s journey is now more realistic than ever.

Belgium: Evrard, Vangheluwe (67 Wijnants), Tysiak, De Neve, Philtjens (85 Deloose), Cayman, Vanhaevermaet, Biesmans (71 Minnaert), Eurlings (84 Blom), Wullaert, De Caigny (84 Onzia)

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