"No jab, no job."  New Zealand plans to kick out unvaccinated people by November 15

“No jab, no job.” New Zealand plans to lay off those not receiving the vaccination by November 15

new Zeland

new Zeland

From November 15, in New Zealand, all people who work in contact with the public risk losing their jobs if they are not vaccinated. This is what New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has decided, with the goal of accelerating the vaccination campaign and reaching 90 per cent of the vaccinated population as quickly as possible.

Hairdressers, teachers, waiters, restaurants, They will commit a crime If they go to work without getting the vaccine first. It will be necessary to do at least the first dose, while there is time until January 1, 2022 for the second dose. To this day, 62.7 percent of the population was fully vaccinated in New Zealand.

This measure is intended to protect children in particular, because the Pfizer vaccine has not yet received safety approval for use in children under 12 years of age. This, according to the government, has made youngsters especially vulnerable to the virus, and made it imperative to adopt these new safety measures for teachers and the teachers who work with them. The announcement was made on October 11 by Chris Hepkins, the minister responsible for the response to Covid-19. He explained that “this procedure affects all workers, whether paid, volunteers or trainees, who are appointed directly or through external parties.”

However, the vaccination requirement does not apply to those who always work remotely, to those who work on the site only when children are not present, such as on weekends, and to parents who attend or come to pick up their children from school. The New Zealand Ministry of Education has recommended teachers to prepare for the November 15 date, by supporting their staff to get vaccinated, including during working hours, and informing staff about the benefits of the vaccination.

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It is clear that those exempted from vaccination for health reasons are excluded from this rule. “But we expect the number of people who are exempt from vaccination to be very low, as the Pfizer vaccine has been shown to be safe for the vast majority of people,” the New Zealand Ministry of Education said.

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