Recordings from 1972 are believed to have been lost

Recordings from 1972 are believed to have been lost

They were forgotten for nearly 50 years – now unseen shots of the Hand Zeppelin appeared. Photographer Lloyd Goodman recently rated his group and found a shot of Led Zeppelin’s performance on February 25, 1972 at Western Springs Stadium in Oakland. “I knew I had this movie roll in the shed, so I sent it away to digitize it. I knew there was a tape on it, but I didn’t know what it was. … it came back and there was a Zueblin movie,” he said, “Radio New Zealand“.

Although the material is loved according to age, the photographer was very happy to discover it, as it contains many close-ups of the musicians. He also explains that in the end there were only six recordings that the promoter chose and that have since disappeared. He added, “So finding this was really like finding gold.”

After some Goodman recordings were posted online, he was contacted by a US archive official. He told the cameraman he had audio recordings of the same show. This was followed by a five-minute YouTube clip.

Watch the clip here:

Goodman: “It’s so powerful, and I think the mix of musicians who came together to form a band – it was like a colossal tornado. … it just got together and formed into this amazing vortex that not only engulfed itself but engulfed everyone with it.” Australia and New Zealand. In 1971 Led Zeppelin released their fourth album.

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This reached number one on the album charts in the US and UK in the same year. In Germany he was in fifth place. Her live album “Celebration Day”, released in 2012, placed it at number one on the German album charts.

Rolling Stone considers Led Zeppelin one of the “most influential hard rock bands”. The British quartet, founded in 1968, was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.

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