Ramzan Kadyrov threatens Poland: "You'd better get your weapons back!"

Ramzan Kadyrov threatens Poland: “You’d better get your weapons back!”

“You’d better take back your weapons and your mercenaries. The Chechen dictator and great ally of Vladimir Putin Ramzan Kadyrov threatened Poland, Who actively support Kyiv During the Russian attack, in a video released Wednesday.

Ukraine is a closed case. I wonder about Poland…”, Ramzan Kadyrov states in this excerpt published by BBC journalist Frances Scar on Wednesday 25 May and reported by BFMTV.

The Chechen leader asserts: “After Ukraine, if the order is issued, we will show you in six seconds what you can do.”

“You better take your weapons and your mercenaries and formally apologize to our ambassador. We will not let this pass. Keep that in mind,” he concludes, referring to the large stockpile of weapons Warsaw handed over to its ally Kyiv.

Among the European countries that provided assistance to Ukraine, Poland takes the lead. At the end of April, the country provided $1.6 billion in arms to its neighbor and took in nearly 3.5 million Ukrainian refugees. Warsaw admitted in April that it had sent Soviet-designed T-72 tanks to Ukraine, but did not specify how many.

Vladimir Putin holds him at the head of Chechnya, a republic that is part of the Russian Federation, and Ramzan Kadyrov runs his state with an iron fist. Chechnya is known to be one of the worst dictatorships on the planet. Since the beginning of the Moscow attack on Ukraine, “Kadyrovtsy” Chechen soldiers directly on the orders of the dictator. Fighting alongside the Russians. Other Chechen defectors chose to take up arms to support Ukraine.

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