Imam Mahmoud Deco denounces the "arrogance" of the ruling junta

Imam Mahmoud Deco denounces the “arrogance” of the ruling junta

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On the occasion of the 22nd session of the Bamako Forum that started on Thursday, Imam Mahmoud Dicko, a prominent figure in the country, took a stand on the crisis that Mali is currently going through.

It comes on the sidelines of the forum under the theme “Women, Peace, Security and Development in Africa”. Imam Mahmoud Deko Express himself. A very remarkable intervention, as he was surprised by the title of this meeting during my financial period going through a crisis.

When Imam Mahmoud Deko took the microphone, he clearly stated that he wanted to talk about Mali’s crisis. for him, current leaders In power in Bamako, the international community is partly responsible for the situation in his country.

The arrogance of our leaders, I say it here, I will go out and they will ask me, but I will say it, their arrogance, and the pride of the international community, it is the Malian people who are paying this. It’s very dangerous “, Shout.

Moribond political class »

Very quickly, he also points an accusing finger at the local political class: “ A moribund political class does not move and no longer exists. It must be said that a civil society no longer exists. Today, people are scattered among people who want an indefinite transition, people with principles who are killing in the name of these principles. Should the Malian people, and Africa as a whole, witness its destruction and collapse without moving a finger? I think history will remember this “.

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Supporters of Imam Mahmoud Deko warn: From now on we will hear him talk more and more about the situation in the country until they say: defend the people “.

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